Witches and Gardens

Royal Doulton Witches series tiny plate. This one is only two inches wide. It is the only one of this size I ever came across.

This is a very large coffee cup which holds about a cup and a half of liquid.

This is the most common Royal Doulton Witch series pitcher.

Pewter witch door knocker

Old German metal witch

Hand painted Scandinavian witches

Witch candlesticks by E.O. Brody, Cleveland, Ohio. I did not realize until I was photographing these that the bowl at the top is actually the witch's broom. A candle goes in the middle of the bowl and candy is held around it.

I still can't get a good shot of these red roses and I still can't remember their name? It looks better if you click on it.

New Dawn rose


magikalseasons said…
Love the tea cup! I have to say your roses are beautiful! I have to pick mine before the deer get them!
Autumnforest said…
I'm still looking for the ultimate kitchen witch. My dad was from Norway and he always insisted we have one. I wish I would have wrestled the one from my childhood from the oldest sib, but he's a real a-hole and wouldn't give up one thing. I keep hoping I'll find one just as old and cronish. I love the stuff you find. I never ever run into things with witches on them, but I sure love them!
Anonymous said…
That witches series from Royal Doulton is so very beautiful, but so very expensive. I would love to collect some pieces, because I love the colours and the little witches which are used.
The roses are gorgeous. I love New Dawn very much too !!!
Pricilla said…
hmmmm, old German metal witch could describe some people I have known.

Did I type that?
I really like that coffee cup and the pitcher! Great photos of the flowers!
clairedulalune said…
I love the door knocker! I love it all! Beautiful roses!
Tracy said…
Yep, that's the plate I have!
Touchatou said…
Your roses are superb ! The old german witch is a piece of art. Quite beautiful.
chib said…
I like the old German witch
I am in complete awe of you collection - and your gardens!
Maluszeq said…
I love the witch door knocker :)