Hansel and Gretel and ....THE WITCH!

A vintage postcard showing Hansel and Gretel and The Witch. Click on all pics for better views.

She asks in both German and French...who is nibbling on my little house?

Postmarked 1938....Rotterdam and Oosterbeek

These are made by Elastolin in Germany. The witch looks like she is just about to smack Hansel right on the back of his head! Gretel looks like she already got smacked.

Another set by Elastolin.

These are cake toppers from Hong Kong.

This set is by Bully from West Germany.

Hansel and Gretel and The Witch house from Japan.

These were also used as cake toppers.

The Pied Piper of Hamlin....another favorite tale.

As you might have noticed the last few days posts show more playful witch items than earlier posts. This is because I am literally crawling through the attic pulling out boxes which I have not touched in well over 12 years. A lot of this was collected and used when my children were young. That is why it is more whimsical than most of my collection. When my kids were little I would decorate several rooms from the beginning of September through Halloween with all of my collection. As they got older it was pushed to the back of the attic. I was up there yesterday just knowing that something creepy crawly had to be lurking somewhere when I stepped on something. I looked down and started screaming like a loon. I stepped on one of the many mice I use to decorate for Halloween but in the dim light I thought it was real. Hehe...I tricked myself!


Lucie Le Blanc said…
Funny !! A false mouse ! lol In my old house, sometimes I scare a real one !

On the postcard, the French text says : Who's eating my house ? I love the image. Hansel and Gretel was one of my favorite story too.
Anonymous said…
Yes, that is what it says in German too ; )That postcard is just too cute !!
It's remarkable, the postmarks are Dutch and so are the cities you mention.
I love the little figurines. The story of Hans en Grietjes (Hansl and Gretl in Dutch is ne of the first fairytales that little children are told here ; )
brokenteepee said…
heh heh. the problem around here is the cat leave me dead mice and I step on them! ick!

There is some irony in Hansel and Gretl cake toppers....
Sharon Day said…
Thanks so much for posting such inspiring things I've never seen before. I love the postcard! How very Old World looking!
He he he :-) Fake mouses can be to realistic sometimes :-)

I really like these statuettes You show today!
clairedulalune said…
Haha! My big fella has a fake snake in the boot of his car, gets me every time!
blossomvic said…
Jaz, I have found a book in our little local bookshop on Withes in the world. Do you collect books on witches too.
blossomvic said…
Jaz...that should have read WITCHES not WITHES.!!!
I've always wondered if those children or the witch had any health problem by living in a home made out of sugar and fat.

Coffee is on.