Witch Stuff and Spider Webs

Small Halloween candy containers

Some new and a few old Jack O' Lanterns

Witch cookie jar

Witch candy bowl

Salem Witch salt and peppers

A witch horse brass

Chamomile about to bloom

More blueberries

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Cinnamon Fern

Strawberries waiting for the birds

Almost peas

Calla Lily Leaf

An Orb Spider web......this type of spider uses it's body to measure spaces in it's web. It first spins the entire web out of dry silk. Then it goes over the web and eats the dry silk and replaces it with sticky silk. The spider leaves several threads of the dry so it can move around the web without getting stuck. This silk has a tensile strength 5 times that of steel. The spider most often will hide off to the side of the web keeping one leg on a string that will vibrate when something is caught in the web. It is thought that the spider spins a web that gives off the same UV light as that of the flower which is sought after by the insect the spider wants to attract to the web. Therefore the insect flies into the web thinking it is it's favorite flower.


Pricilla said…
i think I would love your house at Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. We had a Victorian in NJ with a wraparound porch. I would decorate the heck out of that thing every year. It was the only house in my 27 years of marriage in which I every had trick or treaters. Living in the boondocks is sooooo disappointing for a Halloween "kid" like me.
Great pictures! Love the one with the webb!
magikalseasons said…
I just love your collection and garden!
greekwitch said…
Of course i have seen your previous posts! Your whole collection is lovely! And if your whole home is decorated in a witchy way i need pictures... I just heard that dried camomile can be used as seeds. Do you know if it true. Cause i would love to try it so i can have camomile in my balcony, where i grow my herbs, plants and a few trees.Unfortunately i live in an appartment in Athens so no garden of my own, but no complains it has its perks!
Blessings and light*
Touchatou said…
I love spiders and spiderwebs... Am I normal ? lol

Your flowers are at least a month in advance on us. Lucky you !

Sorry if I am not as present as usual : BIG week... Up at 4h00 and back at 19h00... Tired.

Hugs, Lulu
Soraya said…
Heh, thanks for letting me know :) and I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates my neighbor :-p

I so wish I could grow plants like you have... they're beautiful. Alas, where I live, they'd fry up or get stomped on by evil human beings of DOOM!
... K so that's exagerated but my neighbors on my last nerve :-p
Blessed Be!
peppylady said…
I see your ready for Halloween. We got pumpkin in our garden this year.

Coffee is on.
Prospero said…
Fascinating information on Orb Spider. I really enjoyed that.

How's the camera?
Awesome, as always ... I really really like the Salt and Peppers!

Is there any chance I met you through David Price?!?!