Witches and Gardens

Witch clock

A first prize witch trophy from 1911. I didn't polish it because it's easier to photograph if it is not shiny.

Amphora witch statue

This is a whiskey bottle. Her head comes off to pour.

A window witch sitter

Arugula blossom

Wet pebbles


Morning mushrooms

The pansies have gone to seed.

Waiting to bite something!


Autumnforest said…
Oh my! I'm a pebble and river rock freak--love that!
Anonymous said…
The pictures are gorgeous and I love all the little charms !!
Have a great day !!
I could never in my life understand how many witch or witch related thing there are :-)
I see that You are getting the feeling for Your new lense now! Great pictures!
Anonymous said…
I just have to ask...where do you find all of your collectables? I love each and every post.
Pricilla said…
I LOVE the 1st Prize Witch. You have to wonder what one had to do to win it. Heh heh
Dreamwriter said…
What a wonderful blog! I have been planning to come here ad visit but have been so caught up with work!

Starting a new blog that I think you will like..will share it soon :) I will link you!
Anonymous said…
Thanks you for stopping by my blog and answering my questions. I do love to look at your collection ;o)
greekwitch said…
I did n't know that the song was ever popular in modern times(since it is traditional) but i guess when it was performed by Simon and Garfunkel it must have gotten up the charts!I am a frick that way, i do not listen to anything mainstream, but i love music!Once again i thought your collection is breathtaking! Especially the clock! So cool!
chib said…
Very interesting!!
Patty said…
Love the photos!
greekwitch said…
My scedule has been a little hectic these days because it is exam period in the conservatory, and i have n't made the icecubes yet! But my worries will be over at 19 of June! Just in time to get ready for the Sabbat? Have you planned anything yourself about Midsummer?
Ps. your dog has the cutest face ever!
greekwitch said…
I meant "schedule" lol
Touchatou said…
The mushrooms' picture is absolutely marvelous : like silver and gold filigree. Would make exquisite jewelry ! I'm impressed by that lens of yours.

P.S. My touth finaly went beserk and had to be opened inextremis. Oh the suffering when it unfroze... Better now, was even able to eat.

Hugs, Lulu
Hi there! Cute pup! And sooo many witches - I really like the teacups. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day. Anne-Lise