Witches and Gardens

Big witch trophy

Bigger witch trophy

This witch is over 2 feet tall....click for a closer look.

This is one of my favorite witches. The base of her cauldron is skulls. I make popcorn balls at Halloween and fill the cauldron with them.

For a serious witch collector like me this is a REAL grab!

Though I have many of these in black the rarest of the rare is green.

In over 20 odd years of collecting I have only seen one other green Petersyn witch cup which I also own. I snagged this one off of ebay last week!

How big are your plants? I am in zone 5b and my snap peas are about 4 feet high.

The first tomato blossom is on my Black Zebra plant.

My eggplants are still small with no blossoms.

My Bush Beans are about 8 inches high.

The edamames are about 6 inches.

The tomatillas look healthy and are about a foot high.


Wow -- kids must just LOVE coming to your place on Halloween! I know I'd love to get a popcorn ball out of that wickedly delightful cauldron!
I´m still amazed over all thing You show with wiches! That cup looked real nice!
I think I live in zone 3-4 in Your way of describing them, so my plants isn´t that big yet :-)
have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Except for our spinach and lettuce we are still seedlings at best. That's Montana for ya!

I still want to know what you have to do to win the witch trophey :)
Touchatou said…
The witch in the cauldron is really the best !! So cool !
I just love all the symbols inside that cup! ... and the witch in the red gown is fabulous!
Autumnforest said…
The cauldron with the skulls and the witch is perfection!
Patty said…
Wow girl you amaze me with all those witches, I love it!
Thanks for coming by my blog, the trip to Gettysburg was good but hectic, I hope the next one this fall runs a bit smoother, and we get to see more than we did this time. Thanks for the warning that they shuttle you in to the Apple festival in the fall. I would have got caught off guard on that and been standing there saying WTF. cause I plan on buying stuff. I will know to take some of those cloth bags along in a big purse so I can carry it back. I will be by to visit again soon. Enjoy your weekend
The witch cup is really grand! Would love to know if there is any story to them or if the witchy things inside are just for design.