Games and Gardens (click on pics for better views)

This is a very collectible vintage witch fortune telling game.

It is in excellent condition for it's age.

A hinged panel swings out to show the boy's fortunes.

Another on the opposite side swings out showing the girl's fortunes.

A pie made from the first of my rhubarb.


Zinnia pollen

Onion about to bloom

Bug on a hydrangia

Same kind of bug on the sage.

Black Zebra Tomato blossoms



Clematis opening


greekwitch said…
Your garden is absolutely divine! I am in love with the little pond! Oh! And the pie! Yummy! I got hungry now!!!!Blessings*
Pricilla said…
The clematis is stunning. I love purple!
The bug is so beautiful! great pictures!
Soraya said…
I know i've said this in about every comment i've said but... I love your garden. It's so gorgeous. I so wish i had a place like that.
And the pie... mmmmmm The fact that you can make something out of something you've grown... it makes me really wish i didn't live in florida and was able to have a garden :-p It looks so delicious :-p
Autumnforest said…
Yum! I'll have my slice with vanilla ice cream, please, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Touchatou said…
It is fascinating to see the pollen in the zinnia : it looks like flowers in the flower !

And the bug is gorgeous, a jewel !

Sorry, I don't like rhubarb, I'll just wait for the strawberries ! lol