Cauldron Day

A black glass toothpick cauldron

A Roseville pottery cauldron

A sterling cauldron on a mirrored stand. I can not figure out what this was used for.

My green garden cauldron. I use this to stash stuff for the compost bin.

A set of soup bowls by McCoy.

The mother of all cauldrons!

Enter my potting shed...

Click for a better view.

Potting shed essentials

The potting shed needs a house keeper.

Dortmund rose which I am going to train on the fence behind the pool.

The waterfalls are repaired...

And are up and running again.

PUMPKINS.....countdown to fall!

And yet another Clematis


Salem Witch Day Lily about to bloom

Dusty Miller


Wow, that's a pretty fancy shmancy potting shed! Who are those 7 little hooded guys? The 7 dwarves (that's all I could think of!) And LOVE your waterfalls!
Autumnforest said…
I'd put the Green Man in the potting shed! I have a bunch of his images around here. In fact, I think I might take photos some time and do a little showcase on my blog. Thanks for the idea. I go to your blog and get inspired all the time. It even puts me in the mood for writing my horror novel. Thanks for the beauty and the spooky--they do go hand in hand.
Pricilla said…
The soup bowl set is just great!

Salem witch day lilly? I can't wait to see that!
Touchatou said…
Nice potting shed ! Love the little touches you put there (like the witch sign and the flower posters).

Love the cauldrons, especially the green one.

Kisses !

Yeahhhhhh Pittsburgh !
Felinae said…
I can not wait to see the Salem witch day lilly, I have never heard of that one before.

The potting shed is really nice!

Have a wonderful day!

The cauldrons are great and Your ponds are even greater! I really have no words to say how much I like Your ponds!

The dusty miller we call silvery oak here in Sweden. I think it´s an underestimated plant over here.
Have a great day now!
Soraya said…
I just have to say THANKYOU so much. I wasn't expecting you to be so hospitable to me. I really appreciate it.
Thank you so much again :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos, and such a wonderful garden. I am quite envious now... oh and so many cauldrons too.... Love your blog. xxx
Scarecrow said…
Thank you for the invitation to visit your blog. I've had a delightful tour of your summer garden. It has warmed me up on this frosty morning we have down here in OZ today.
Great photos!
idrawpix said…
Jaz, I have given you an award on my blog because you have the MOST interesting blog I have ever visited. No need to follow the award instructions unless you choose to, but I just had to point out to my visitors that they MUST come visit you here.
jaz said…!!!! thanks!!!!!!
what an enchanting potting shed! - and I love the mirror and sterling cauldron!
Anonymous said…
Love all the caldrons! That potting shed has to be the cleanest and prettiest potting shed I've ever seen ;o) I would love to see the daylily when it blooms :oD
The Frog Queen said…
Love the caldrons. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures. They are a great inspiration.

I also LOVE the Kate music playing.... big smile on the frog queens face :)

Maluszeq said…
Is that your garden? It is absolutely awesome, and the shed...gosh :)