Chow Chow_Bee_Skulls

Awwwww.... itch!

Bumble Bee on the tomato

Assorted skulls from small animals..I had nothing to do with their demise!

Shark mouth

Monkey skull

Whatever these are, I would rather avoid them when they are alive.

Crow skull?


Autumnforest said…
I miss my chow! You're so lucky--what a ball of cuddly fur!
Pricilla said…
Awww, the puppy is so cute.And fluffy!
clairedulalune said…
Oh, interesting skulls! I always move back when I see a skull or bones. Now I am asking myself why? Probably all them scary movies!Loving your gorgoeus chow, you just want to hug him/her. Sorry I forget! Hope you are well!
Your Chow is so beautiful!
The sculls are interesting, but I´m not sure if I would like to have them myself :-)
have a great day now!
Touchatou said…
Do all Chows look so sad ? lol So cute !

The first skull looks like a boar : am I right ? (I hope it is the right word. The only thing that comes to my mind is Pumba in the Lion King ! lol

The shark skull gives me the creep ! brrrr
But I love the bird skull. I dream to have a crow or a raven of my own as a pet. They are so bright.

Thanks for the pics, Lulu
Would love to put my hands in all that chow fur - adorable! Interesting skulls.
chib said…
Hi Joyce,
I had body and mind crash after that trip. I am recovering now from all the fatigue of the trip. I have a pile of work to do now following my absence of 3 weeks.

What make you fear those skull when they have life, those canines? Ha ha haaa.
I only fear shark among them!!
Hibiscus Moon said…
Nice skulls. I can appreciate them as a science teacher. ;)