I should have done this yesterday! Did you notice I put a reference point in with the skulls? They are not much larger than a thimble ( notice there is a witch on this thimble! click to enlarge.). After reading yesterday's comments I realized most of you thought they were human sized. Sorry. I don't think I would have them in my house either if they were really big! I think these are cute skulls.

Rare pair of Rookwood raven bookends, i.e. Edgar Allen Poe

You can see the ravens are standing on opened books.

Zinnia bud

Zinnia opening

Zinnia opened

Onion bud opening

a little more....

and a bit more.

Chameleon plant. These are wonderful ground covers. As the season progresses they will turn green, chartreuse, and pink. They will grow and spread almost anywhere. I plant them in spots were absolutely nothing else will grows.


It rained yesterday...

The Salem Witch Daylily continues to open.

An iron snake on my gate.

Tomatilla bud


cupcakewitch said…
Wow- beautiful bookends!
Pricilla said…
I love ravens...they are sooooo smart. We have so many of them around here. I love to watch them fly.
I wish I could have the chameleon plant here. It´s so nice but it´s to cold for it here. Zinnias is something I fail with nowdays. Don´t know why though. The raven book ends are fantastick!
have a great day now!
I LOVE those Poe Raven bookends. Too cool!
Soraya said…
I love the ravens. They're definately attached to me in some way or another... i want to get something to have around to altar that deals with them, seeing they seem to be crucial in my life at the moment :)
clairedulalune said…
Oh my goodness, the skulls are really small! I still love them though! Loving the raven bookends too! And of course your beautiful garden!
Nikki said…
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greekwitch said…
Yesterday i did n't get a chance to visit your blog! By the way i want to smoosh your dogs face! He is soooooo cute!
I love the music! Blessings!
Touchatou said…
I see you get the knack of your new lens ! Wonderful pictures, dear !

The zinnia bud is a jewel !
And those bookends are beauties, love the ravens.
Touchatou said…
Will you eventually show us other skulls ? You know which one I mean ! ;)
Autumnforest said…
Those are awesome! That thimble is cute. The bookends are beautiful. Amazing finds!
Jeanne said…
Cool skulls! Great close-up shots yesterday as well!
And I really like the bookends!
I'm enjoying the walks through your garden as well as viewing your collection!
Felinae said…
I love the bookends.
I can't wait to see the Day Lily open.

Soraya said…
I definately can't wait for this package to arrive. I almost feel as if you're sending me a little care package :-p
"Jaz's starter guide to becoming a witch! Accessories included" :-p
Thank you so much though. I'm definately on edge of the seat to get it. :) :)
Many Blessings... and I know i've said it so many times before but... BEAUTIFUL GARDEN!!! <3