Windows, Broom and Plants

Thought I would show you some pics of the leaded glass windows I designed to surround my front door. (click to enlarge) This is a spider with a bat below it.

A snake to the left of the door...

The moon and an asteroid...

A wide winged bat...

Another snake on the right side....

The broom by my front door.

The man that makes these is from North Carolina. He walks through the woods and looks for downed limbs and works with what he finds.

Detailed weaving of the straw.

So here's the thing.....I love to knit. But I am the world's worst knitter. So all I can knit are scarves. And not very fancy ones at that.

However, no one I know knits. And they all love getting my scarves. So everyone is happy! This one has a long way to go and it is already over 7 feet long. I bought the wool at a farmer's market in Lake Placid, New York. I always buy home spun yarn where ever I travel.

We have been eating snap peas sauteed every morning for breakfast.

The onion is still opening.


chib said…
That door with a snake!!
And the broom, wow!!!
greekwitch said…
I love the windows! You actually designed them! How creative! By the way i can feel you with the vicious doggy! Mine barks her lungs out everytime she sees a person. Even little kids! She does n't bite but she scares the living hell out of people! Be blessed!
Touchatou said…
I love your leaded glass window. The way you played with the frosted and clear glass is awesome. It's an ode to life.

The broom is a piece of art !

I do know how to knit, but my fingers won't let me do more than a couple rows at a time... Damn arthitis ! I feel I lost my life to that monster.
clairedulalune said…
My goodness, if anyone give me three wishes, one of them would to be transported to where you live! Your home is amazing! Beautiful glass designs! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Pretty cool! I'm afraid of spiders though.
What great windows! and You designed them! There were no need to tell what they were, I could see it all clearly!
Great broom too!
That scarf wasn´t bad at all. That´ll ceep someone warm all winter long!
Have a great midsummers eve!
Autumnforest said…
Gorgeous--like a spider in the dew!
Laura said…
I love the windows... so beautiful and so unique. The broom is very cool. I know a guy here in NC that makes altars and fairy doors from wood. I'm going to get him to make me a wand from and oak limb off of a lightening struck tree. :-)
Hibiscus Moon said…
I would loive to tour your entire home. You've given me an idea...but I'm too tired to act on it now. Maybe tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Love the Stevie playing here. TY!
Pricilla said…
The windows are amazing!

Heh heh. I knit too and can only do squares and rectangles. heh heh
I don't know what you're talking about... The scarf looks great! It's even, it's colorful & it resembles what you intended. Sounds like a winner to me! :)

Thanks for the compliment! :)
D.Suplicki said…
I just had to come by and take a peek at your witch collection and was amazed by these windows. They're beautiful!

At least you can finish a scarf! I can knit just fine once I get going, but I have yet to finish anything. I always end up putting it down, forgetting about it and then messing it up when I start again. :D
Wow...those windows are fab! Great work on those! Do you happen to live in the house that was built for Practical Magic too? I love everything!