Foo Dogs

Since I have always had Chow Chows as pets I started a Foo Dog collection.

This pair is very small a mere inch and a half in height and carved from redwood.

This pair is carved from mahogany.

Foo dogs are always made in pairs.

This is a rather rare pair from Portugal. They are porcelain.

They are unusual in that the one on the right is a candel stick, the tulip is the holder. The one on the left has a rose that holds a cone of incense.

This pair is carved out of malachite. They each have a malachite "pearl" in their mouths which rolls around but never comes out.

This is a lone bronze Foo (Fu)Dog. Fu in Chinese means Buddha.

Two rather frightening looking pottery Foos.

A bronze Foo incense burner. This is from the 1800's and was used to burn cloves to freshen the air.

The Foo sits on the lid.

The body is very ornate and covered with birds and it has dragon heads for handles. (click for a better look)

This is a Satsuma Japanese earthenware pottery incense burner. It is in excellent shape for it's age. It was made between 1850-1899. It is from the Meiji period.

It sits on a carved rosewood base.

The Foo Dog sits on the lid. Notice the Chow Chow tail.

This incense burner has roses for handles.

And cranes flying across the front.

And intricately detailed flowers.

This is a pair (I am only showing one because of how big and heavy they are) of Kutani Shishi Foo Dogs.

Foo Dogs have powerful mythic protective powers.

They are fashioned after the Chow Chow dog that was bred in Mongolia 4000 years ago.

This pair sits over 3 feet tall. They are from Thailand and are made of bronze.
Foo dogs are usually placed by the front door and are used to ward off bad energy,
protect from evil forces and bring good luck.

Most Foo Dogs are exactly the same except that the male has his right paw resting on top of a ball which is a symbol for the "flower of life". And the female has her left paw resting on a cub which symbolizes the "cycle of life".

And then we come to the most ferocious Foo Dog ever known to man....

The Teddy bear.....who will, when prompted with a delectable treat...

let down her guard duties in a second...and lift that giant paw....

And shake for the treat!!! If the Mongols only knew this trick when they were attacking the castles!!!


I´ve always loved Foo dogs, but never got a pair my self strangly enough. The big in brons are so fine!
The living one is fine too :-)
I love foo temple dogs too and you have a SPECTACULAR collection! I didn't know that "foo" meant "Buddha" so thanks for the info!
cupcakewitch said…
I love the two frightening Foo Dogs-
And that 'lil alive Foo Dog is too cute! what a mush!
Touchatou said…
Exquisite collection ! My favorites are the 3 foot tall ones and the frightening ones. But the prettiest of all is the who lifts its paw for a treat ! Look at that face : made for cuddling !
Simply Susan said…
What a great collection you have, but my favorite one is the ferocious one at the bottom ;o)
Pricilla said…
Oooh, I LOVE Foo Dogs.
Museum, I'm telling, museum!
peppylady said…
I have ceramic mold of foo foo dog. But haven't seen collect like yours.

Coffee is on.
blossomvic said…
Jaz, Did you get my message re the Paul Dodswell book about Witches.Shirley
Beautiful Foo dogs - and the last one is gorgeous!
darius said…
Too cute! I love Foo Dogs too, and once had a small collection...
Guillaume said…
Interesting. I don't see enough Asian art, I should get into it a bit more, as my future sister in law is of Chinese origins. Nice to see something genuinly exotic.
Prospero said…
Great shot of your pup! I think his paw is bigger than my dog's head!
Chowz Creations said…
Wonderful foo collection. Love the final pic of your gorgeous pup - the beautiful face, giant paw and flowing fur on her wings. Too cute.
Ernie Frances said…
your bronze color Foo dog looks to be in perfect condition, we have one 8" tall weighs about 48.81 troy ounces and its 60 % copper and 32 % zinc and cast in white bronze, cant seem to find anything on it do you know when these were made, the one we have is identical to yours except for the white bronze. any help would be awsome