A custom made Ouija Board. Ouija boards are used by two people. They place their fingertips on the planchette and it moves towards the letters on the board and spells out words which have significance to one of the players.

A Pendulum Board. You hold the pendulum (which I could not find) over the board and it moves to an area on the board to answer your question. These are thought to be much more reliable than Ouija Boards.

Runes have been used since ancient times to give the users guidance.

Fortunes Telling Cards.....this set is in German, English and French.

Click for a closeup.

A set of Italian tarot cards.

In Italian these are known as Tarocchini.

The Witches Tarot. Tarot cards come in sets of 78 cards. They are used for divination.



The first tinge of blue on the blueberries.


Beginning to open

Sunflower with a tiny bug

Sunflower Orange

Sunflower Salita

Onion continuing to open.


That's an exquisite ouija board. Is the border painted or is it inlay (pewter perhaps)?
jaz said…
it is painted. but it would really be cool if it was inlayed with pewter!
Thery nice looking ouija board! We used a paper bottom and a glass heated up by a candle. Worked really well :-)We call it "The spirit in the glass".

You take great pictures with Your new lens!

By the way, You know the yellow Iris You asked if it was a Russian iris? I think after all that You´re right there.
Anonymous said…
love the tarot cards! and your garden pix are awesome, great shots!
greekwitch said…
Midsummer blessings! I loved the pendulum board! I was thinking of making one!
Gourdqueen said…
Ohhhhh all my faves!!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures.
Autumnforest said…
Beautiful scrying tools!
Touchatou said…
I didn't know runes cold be made of stones ! That gives me ideas too ! Nice gold tiger eye you have there.

Love the sunflowers ! Ours are still buds.

Tarot and ouija give me the creeps... Could you explain to me how you deal with them without fear ?

Kisses, Lulu
Prospero said…
Ouija Boards, to scary for me. Nice sunflowers, though. Check out the spooky owl on my blog. I hadn't thought of it till I looked at it just now - but, it's just so you.
Hibiscus Moon said…
gorgoeus sunflowers! Blesses Summer Solstice.
Pricilla said…
I love sunflowers!

My mother had runes. I put most of them with her ashes when we put her in the ocean but I kept one. I carry it with me in my purse as a reminder of her.
Dagrun said…
Love macros the last shots here. Beautiful composition in the flower shots.