Puppy and Plants

Somebody is sleepy early in the morning.

It's tough for puppies to get up at 5:00am

Looks like this day will get off to a slow start.

Yawns are not always very flattering. This one reminds me a bit of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.

That's better!

Check out the black tongue!!!

I am the Queen of the Garden!

And this is after I lost all of my winter coat.

Garden faces

Sunflowers reflected in the pool

Onion (click to enlarge)


Still waiting for the Salem Witch Daylily

The first blue blueberry

You can see the color of the Daylily through the bud.

The clover is blooming now.

The Dortmund Rose is putting out new growth.

Lots of Sunflower buds...

Future bird seed

Can't wait!

My favorite weed....deadly Nightshade. If I can make a weed work for me I always do. This has the prettiest flowers so I let it grown wherever it pops up.


Anonymous said…
amazing photos!
Pricilla said…
That is one poofy doggie!
Your Chow is so beautiful! Great puctures You take with the new lens!
I have your puppy's miniature cousin on her father's side! LOL

as always, fab photos.
Sherrie said…
Awesome Photos! That's one fluffy puppy! Have a great day!!

Touchatou said…
A black tongue ! How cool ! And those fangs ! lol

I love the garden faces. Looks like the one in Interview with the Vampire.

Have a nice evening and night, dear.
mitt vattenhål said…
wonderful closeups and nostalgia for me when I found photos of a chow!! Had some of those when i grew up and until 1987.
Thanks for sharing