Clam Chowder

I've been thinking of summer by the ocean. We go to the ocean in the fall but thinking about lazy summer days by the beach made me crave clam chowder. Here is a really good recipe for New England Clam Chowder.

Don't yell at me but you start with bacon grease! Melt it in a large heavy pot.

Dice a large sweet onion and begin sauteeing it over medium heat.

Add sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste. Also add dried thyme at this point.

Chop about 4 large stalks of celery. Add it to the onions. Also cube 4-5 baking potatoes unpeeled and cubed in about 1 inch cubes. ( I forgot to take a pic of the potatoes...don't be hatin').

Use any fresh herbs you have growing. I added sage, rosemary, fresh thyme and tarragon. I love tarragon with seafood but it has a very pronounced flavor so add accordingly or not at all.

Chop them fine.

Pick 3 bay leaves or use 2 dried

I always cut my bay leaves at an angle up and down the leaf to release more flavor.

Add the bay leaves and chopped herbs to the potatoes and onions.

Add two cans of clam juice. Always wipe the lids before opening. All kinds of yucky things lay on top of cans in the super market!

Add at least a quart of chopped clams along with the clam juice.

Mix everything together with a spoon and simmer over medium/low heat.

Though this is not typical for New England Clam Chowder, I happened to have left over corn on the cob so I cut it off the cob and added it as well.

Simmer for about 1 hour. When the potatoes are just tender add about 2 cups whole milk. Gently bring it back to a simmer over low heat then dab with butter.

Ladle into a bowl

I served it with caramelized butter thyme bread. Pretend you are eating at a clam shack by the beach!

The peaches should be ready by mid July.

Peach pies, peach cobbler, peach jam.....

The onions are growing..

Tomato bud...


Tomato blossom


Touchatou said…
Bacon grease is a must, it had to the taste I imagine !

Nice idea to cut the bay leaves, they are though little things.

Mmmmm the chowder looks yummy !

Your tomato bud picture is gorgeous, we are not use to see all those "laces" with the naked eye.
Looks delicious! I have only read about clam chowder - if I can get the tinned clams with the juice I'd like to try your recipe!
clairedulalune said…
Oh, I love clam chowder, I used to eat it when I went to Cape Cod years ago! Yum Yum! Just as well my big fella eats anything, NO I MEAN ANYTHING, so I will probably make this very soon! Thank you for the recipe!
Pricilla said…
Mmm, I love clam chowder but the hubby's allergic to them.
Autumnforest said…
That looks amazingly tasty. I always get in the crab cake mood (Chesapeake). I like to put on "Jaws" on a hot summer day and eat crab cakes and roasted corn on the cob and have an icy cold strawberry trifle cake. Yum! You're so lucky you have peaches. I tried to grow them in the desert--nope. I know they grow here, they just won't cooperate. I don't blame them--I don't want to be out there either. I can feel the prickles from the peaches already--I miss good homegrown ones so much! Enjoy the tastes of summer.
Just luscious! I sure miss living close to the Chesapeake Bay!
Soraya said…
the only thing that I could possibly get from any of those pictures is tomato blossom, as they're currently blossoming out back.
Anonymous said…
That chowder looks very yummy !!!
My hubby doesn't eat fish or fish related things, he just doesn't like it : (
The peaches are looking great, just a little more patience and they will have the right colour.
Those tomatoe flowers are so pretty aren't they. My tomatoe plant is filled with them too and it won't be long before I can pick my first zuchini ( courgette .
Have a magical day !!