Garden Shots (click to enlarge)

The Salem Witch Daylily continues to open....very slowly! Sorry but I am dashing off to go to some antique stores today so just a few garden close ups. Back with more tomorrow!

There are lots of buds on the sunflowers.

Another sunflower

Fuzzy Morning Glory

The first Morning Glory bloom

The first Bush Bean blossom

The slowest opening of an onion ever!

Hosta about to bloom


Japanese Painted Fern

Tree peony pod

Fothorgilla blooming


Hibiscus Moon said…
that's going to be 1 pretty sunflower.
Anonymous said…
your photos are amazing!
cupcakewitch said…
Wow- does this mean it really IS summer?! because it doesn't feel like it in NY!
The Frog Queen said…
You garden is lovely and you take the most amazing pictures!!! The Tree Peony picture is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this is a great blog.

Pricilla said…
uh - oh, more pieces for your museum :)
Can't wait to see what you buy!
Prospero said…
That Fothorgilla is really nice. Do you grow any Datura's (a perfect plant for a witches’ brew)?
Autumnforest said…
Thanks for the beautiful pic's. This year I'm redoing the hardscape in the garden and didn't plant my sunflowers--I miss them so much, they're the only thing I look forward to in the desert summers.