Sidewalk Find and Witch Heads

While driving around yesterday I found this desk abandoned on the sidewalk.

It is in almost perfect condition and is very heavy. I could hardly lift it.

It has hand painted roses and ivy along the top and down the side. (click to enlarge)

It is also signed by the artist. I am going to use it in my garage to hold my seed packets and gardening journal. It will be a nice little area to keep notes on next year's garden. Cool find!!!

Some closeups of different witch faces.

There are spiderwebs all over my garden.

The old saying about an abundance of spiderwebs is that they predict a big winter. I sure hope this is true!

This rose is blooming for the second time this season.


What a nice desk! Strange that it just stood there, but lucky for You!
The pictures of the spiderwebbs are fantastic!
Anonymous said…
I have the exact desk in a cherry finish. I now use it for my jewelry making.
Pricilla said…
The desk is great! Amazing what you can find on the side of the road, eh?
Laura said…
I love that desk! Isn't it amazing the things that you can find on the street? I would love a desk like that for my office. I'll have to keep my eyes open.
I hadn't heard thing about the spiderwebs, it's very neat.
The Frog Queen said…
Great find!!! I didn't even mind the spider pictures.....tooo much (cringe) :D

Touchatou said…
My teeth are grinding with jealousy !! lol I have been searching for that kind of desk in antiques shops and can't find one.

But I have some beauties I found aloungside the road too : with a little love and arm grease they are a nice addition to our home.

It's funny (or sad) to see what people judge is beyond repair...

Spiderwebs and spiders are a good omen around here : they say it mean joy for the owner !
Autumnforest said…
What a find! I love the crone's faces--makes me realize I'm aging on schedule. Hee hee :-)
love love love the desk. street furniture is the best. good work!
peppylady said…
Best find is free. I wonder why people just leave good items.
I would say you are meant to have it so enjoy your gift.
Coffee is on.
Marie said…
What an amazing desk! Sometimes the best stuff is found on the side of the road!
Anonymous said…
What a lovely desk !! I love the painting on it !!
Great pictures of witch faces.
The desert in the other post looks really yummy too !!
Have a magical weekend.
Hibiscus Moon said…
That is a most excellent find!

Where do you think the common image of the long nosed, point shinned witch came from?
Prospero said…
Great desk. My mom loves decoratively painted furniture. That was a stroke of luck.
what a terrific piece of luck to find the desk! (all I ever find on the street is broken gooseneck lamps)

I love the face on that first witch - the painting. Just lovely.
Sherry Byrum said…
The desk was a treasure waiting just for you!!
Guillaume said…
I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely love the witches. I try to collect some for Halloween, but my wife does not like the idea of some ugly old hags hanging around in our appartment.