A Walk Through The Garden

Day Lilies


Busy as a bee! Look at the yellow sack of pollen on the bees leg.

Coming in for a landing.

Onion with a spider (click to enlarge)

Tomato blossoms....


Tomatoes with the blossom still attached

Pea blossom and tendrils

Sugar Snap Pea just emerging.

Eggplant blossom

Green pepper


Beauty Berry Bush buds..

Turning pink....

And blooming.

Wild Strawberries all over the garden

The first blooms on the deadly Night Shade.


Finally one of my tomato plants has flowers so I´ll get at least a couple in a couple of weeks I hope :-)

So that´s Deadly night shade. We have it here too and I like it a lot, but since my dogs eats a lot of berries I daren´t have it here at home.
Touchatou said…
Exquisite pictures, dear !
Hibiscus Moon said…
Wow, those are some amzing shots.
wow! love the sugar snap peas.
greekwitch said…
Your garden is getting more beautiful every day!
magikalseasons said…
Great pics love the nighshade!
Felinae said…
Beautiful, Lilies are my favorite flower.
Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

Pricilla said…
Aaaack. No spiders. NO SPIDERS.
Laura said…
beautiful photos... i love your garden..
peppylady said…
Enjoyed the walk.
I have some picture posted of our veggie garden.

Coffee is on.
Soraya said…
as always, I LOVE Your garden.
What kind of Camera do you have because it seems like you get some AMAZINGLY beautiful shots of your garden.
I swear If I could just be in your garden in one day, I'd have many many many beautiful photographs to frame. I love it. :)
I also have to make a mental note, I want to give lavendar a try for out back... The afternoon sun is the only thing that worries me. I'm trying to think of good plants to plant out back. Any suggestions?
We have Tomatoes and Watergrown Plumeria. :)
Blessed Be!
chib said…
Hi Joyce
Death of MJ is a talk of town here, people have put the photo of MJ on their computer background.
You must be joking by saying Shakespeare was born few years ahead of you, ha ha haa, because he was born in 1564, almost 445 years ago.