Knitting, Chow Chow, Flowers and the 4TH



Fly on the sage (click to enlarge)

Nature's fireworks..a spent clematis.

A Dogwood bud...

A Dogwood pod


You can see the outer leaves already forming.

A Balloon Flower about to open.

It's Theodora Puddle Pup!!!

She lays belly down on the cold stone with her back paws straight out behind her when she is hot.

Look at the size of those paws!

A little morning nap.

Salem Witch Daylily

Another spider....sorry Priscilla!!

Hairy little guy isn't he?

Morning Glory

Nightshade about to bloom

Hosta blooms

Walking Stick


Getting ready for the 4th all this week!

Flags and garlands and...

an ice bucket.

I finally started working on the afghan again.

I finished the world's longest scarf. Now I have to fringe the whole thing.

And I just started a new scarf.


Pricilla said…

Great scarf though!
Love those spiderpictures! The others too ofcourse. Wish we could have dogwood here, it´s so beautiful!

The wind and sun is burning the plants hard now. I water a lot but with mostly sand in the durt it dies out fast. Today we reached 86 degrees.
Have a great day now!
Anonymous said…
Great pictures, I love them !! Your dog is so super cute !!!!
I love all the buds and flower pictures. You already have mini tomatoes !! Mine aren't developing yet. There's a little pepper developing though, so all is not at loss ; )
Have a great day !!
Hibiscus Moon said…
I love the back paw doggie shot.
greekwitch said…
That bug was ugly!!! Anyhoo! I like the idea of knitting. I might give it a try, although it seems kinda hard!! Blessings!
Touchatou said…
Love the details of the Balloon flower. I am looking froward to see what it looks like.

When my dog has her legs like that, I always say she does the frog ! lol

Love the squirrel crossing, very funny !