Pillows, Rain, How High Do Your Veggies Grow?

I decided to decorate my son's front porch for his 4th of July party and I needed pillows for his Adirondack chairs. I decided to make some out of old jeans. I bought some trim and cut the jeans apart. I made this one which creeped everyone out because it looked like someone lost their legs.

But the other ones came out pretty nice.

Some of them have little crystal trim. I, of course, broke my needle on these.

The other ones have tassle trim.

It rained yesterday. (click for closeups)

Rain collected on all the fallen leaves.

A drop on the tomato.

Dripping off the eggplant blossom

Rain on the Hydrangea leaf

On the tomato leaf

Collected like jewels on the snap peas

And on the pea blossoms

Rain drops on the fern

And inside the Daylilies

The first bush beans

The first bell pepper

These pictures are for comparison. I stuck the green plastic ruler in the dirt so you can see how tall my plants are. How big are yours? These are tomatoes.

These are peppers and eggplants. I think they are really small for this time of year.

These are tomatoes in my lower raised beds. They are much bigger than the others but they don't have many blossoms.

These are the snap peas and i only get about a handful each day. They sure are good!

The tall plants are the tomatillos.

These are the edamames. No blossoms yet.

These are the bush beans that are just forming.

The pumpkins....no blossoms yet.

And sorry again Pricilla.....another spider. This is pretty one!


chib said…
Hi Joyce, today! It's a big challenge for us, to define your posts!! What is that on the first photo, shorts, trouser... or

The last photo, a spider!!!
I love the big fat raindrop nestled on the snap pea leaf!
Autumnforest said…
Send rain this way! It looks wonderful.
Pricilla said…
You are just out to make me choke on my coffee....I know it!

The pillows are very cute but I have to agree about the first one...heh heh
Touchatou said…
Raindrops are such facinating things : little jewels. The spider on her web is beautiful !!

I like your pillows very much ! What a great idea ! And you can't get sturdier than jeans.

Our carrots are just pointing their heads. Cucumbers also. Tomatoes are not in flowers yet. But the herbs are doing great. I'll take some pictures as soon as the rain finally stops and I can get the weeds out ! lol
Hibiscus Moon said…
those pillows are great. How tall are my plants? well, my herbs are doing alright but my 2 peace lillies are protesting me and my brown thumb right now. :(
Amistis said…
ew ew ew spiders! EEEEEEKKKK
Simply Susan said…
I love the denim pillows...well, except for the first one, lol.