Witch Charms and Close Ups

These are some of the charms I have collected. This is gold chalice with a garnet.

Gold pentagram with a moonstone.

Gold Jack O' Lantern

Gold cauldron

A hanging bat

To keep vampires away.....a cross and a head of garlic.

A candle in a candle stick.

Small gold spider

Witch's broom

Gold Salem Witch

Witch hat

Flying bat

And a wicked chow chow!


Have you ever considered wearing them all on a charm bracelet?
magikalseasons said…
You must be a Charmed one!:) Like the cross with the garlic!
Pricilla said…
I love the bats...bats are great!
jaz said…
i have the charm bracelet and just haven't gotten around to having them attached. i have my first charm bracelet full of them but it is too hard to photograph!
Lee Spangler said…
Thanks for visiting my site and appreciating the rain. I love your charms and probably your charm. You are certainly not a dull person.
clairedulalune said…
Oh, i am so glad I don't live anywhere near you Joyce, you would never get rid of me! Beautiful pendants!
I love the bats! And the Chow was great too!
Touchatou said…
You seem to get the kick of your new lens ! Wonderful pictures. That's something all those charms... It's giving me ideas !
Soraya said…
Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I made myself a new blog because the other one was acting up and blogger wasn't helping me. So Hopefully it'll allow people to see my posts now :)
Blessed Be!
chib said…
Flying bat!!! Interesting!!!
Soraya said…
yeah, so do i, although it's not looking promising as i've got no one. le sigh.
These are great. I have some really neat old gold charms as well that I never put on a bracelet. But they aren't witch theme per se! I put them in the safety deposit box so they wouldn't get lost. Guess they don't do me much good there. I also have silver ones that I've been getting in Salem when we go up each October. Love these and do agree they'd make a great bracelet!