RIP Michael Jackson

When you were weird there was no one weirder....
but when you were good you were great!

I hope you are happier where you are now than you ever seemed to be here.


Celestite said…
yes, absolutely
Soraya said…
I second that. Despite the accusations and such... He was decent. He was a great performer, and there are so many kids.. even adults that were inspired by him.
The problems that he had in life had a lot to do with his childhood, which is why I say let kids live their childhood to the fullest, they won't have an empty spot inside of them.
Michael Jackson has made so many epic songs, so many epic videos, that there is no way he will be forgotten.
Personally, I'm glad that he has passed, he was suffering in this life. He was clearly not happy with what and who he was born as, and he was going through quite a few illnesses. So his suffering is ceased now and He'll come back to us in some shape, way or form. :)
Rest In Peace Mr. Jackson!

(randomly feels like she was preaching his epilogue or whatever it's called at the funeral... I don't like to think about that as I did it for my grandmom and it didn't go too well...)

Blessed be!
may he rest in peace
Touchatou said…
It's so sad... He had a sad life and probably died alone...
Hibiscus Moon said…
That's exactly what I though too. I think he is more at peace now than he ever was on Earth.
Amistis said…
I still cant believe it, i love watching him dance, its mezmerizing
Patty said…
Amen to that. I think Michael was a very disturbed person. I hope he can rest in peace.
Woke up to the news today. It´s all the morning programs are about.Today I´ll only remember him for the great artist he was and forget about the rest.