Almost the 4th and a Trip to Ohio

This is My Lady Liberty quilt.

All sorts of ethnic groups are stitched into her crown.

This was stitched for the hundredth anniversary.

We drove to Ohio this morning to go to a huge flea market.

This styrofoam food makes you not want to eat here!

They were selling almost anything you could think of.

There were lots of food booths.

Lots of puppies for sale.

This goat named Fred was for sale.

Fresh made lemonade

Not everyone looked happy.

Freedom fries!

An Amish gentleman


And chickens

This was a rather girlie looking cart for such a tough looking dude!

This place stretched for miles.

With all the rain it was not very summer like.

You could buy his gun and his cowboy boots!!!

There were guns everywhere and it did not look like you needed ID's to buy them.

There were strange wild animals for sale.

A baby fox for sale.

I don't think this is legal. It certainly should not be.

A racoon that wants out.


The Lady Liberty quilt is great! And I agree that selling wild animals as pets or whatever surely must be illegal.
The Frog Queen said…
Those are lovely pictures!! Thanks for sharing that slice of life. Made me smile a lot....until I got to the fox picture. I would have been very tempted to set it free :)

Happy holiday weekend!

Touchatou said…
Poor animals... I am hurting for them... I am not sure of what I would have done... Throw a tantrum, howled to those people... probably a fool of myself :(

But the quilt is great ! Did you do it ?
jaz said…
those poor animals are still haunting me. what kind of people steal baby wild animals to sell them for a profit. i am never visiting this flea market again. it was awful! and the guns!!! guns everywhere. ugh!!!!
jaz said…
BTW...i toasted my laptop when a glass broke above it. i am taking it in on monday and will be using my slowmo old computer until then. so please be patient with me and picture me beating the crap out of the old one and swearing insanely!
Pricilla said…
Poor caged animals....poor goat. I hope it went to a good home.

There was no goat represented in your quilt...a lack I fear. heh heh
Hibiscus Moon said…
I love the fresh lemonade like that.

However, seeing thos wild animals for sale makes my face get hot.
I love going to markets, even if I don´t buy anything. But those wild animals shouldn´t be there. In Sweden it´s not allowed to even sell pets on markets and if any one even thought there would be wild animal younglings people would probably start to beat up the one who tried to sell them.

We have a tendency to care more about our wild animals and pets than we care about humans here :-)

have a great 4th of July!