Happy 4th of July!!!!

Click to enlarge the pictures for a closer look.

I started cooking at 4:30 this morning and I had my faithful companion right at my side waiting for me to drop something!

Here is the front of my son's house.

I planted lots of red, white and blue flowers.

The window box...

Too bad the roses are done blooming.

Pyrocantha is growing over the gate.

There are the denim pillows I made from the jeans.

The table and chairs I just spiffed up.

And some blu hydrangeas.

Some toys to play with.  Even big kids still like toys!

Have a great holiday!!!!


Soraya said…
Heh, the picture of your pup makes me smile. So adorable. Hope you have a great 4th.
Blessed Be!
Autumnforest said…
Have a super 4th! We live in a community that likes doing old-time feeling celebrations, so they had the fireworks show last night instead and we could float on rafts in our pool and watch it overhead! There was tons of lightning all around and it was like nature was going, "hey, notice me!" Hee hee
Pricilla said…
Have a wonderful day! It looks like the doggie gets plenty of erm, droppings. Heh heh
Have a great 4th of July!
great pictures!
Anonymous said…
i wish i lived there!move over!
Patty said…
Happy 4th, we enjoyed our day with hamburgers, hotdogs and watermellon. No fireworks though. I didn't want to fight the crowds this weekend. We are staying in and enjoying a night of TV
Prospero said…
I hope you're having a great July 4th weekend. Can you imagine a 4 pound dog always at your feet. Yikes!

Nice decoration job at your son's house!
idrawpix said…
Wishing you a Happy 4th, too. Your recipes are all so compelling, but 4:30 in the morning!!!! You are one dedicated cook and your "helper" looks so hopeful.