Breakfast biscuits ready for the oven.

Fresh from the oven

Brushed with melted butter

Served with fresh strawberry jam and fresh peach jam



Morning Glory


The peaches are almost ready.

Poblano Pepper

More tomato buds

Tomatillo blossom

Hosta buds

Pumpkin tendrils

Bees on lavender

A peak at the Salem witch daylily

The pup


Really great pictures today! You knows how to use that new lens of Yours!

When i looked at the pictures of the breakfast buiscuits I decided that I have to do some on Friday morning :-)
have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic! I hate to admit it, as a southern-born woman, but I never mastered biscuits. I'd love to get your input on planters. I've had veggies in my yard for many years, but every time the invasive bermuda grass always grows in it. I'm thinking of doing some tall raised planters that are interesting looking and being able to line them better to keep out the grass. I was thinking of something like corrugated metal fastened into round tall tubes, but do you have any other suggestions? A neighbor suggested a bookcase on its back--sounds kind of ugly. I even considered trash cans, but they're not all that attractive. Let me know if you can come up with another idea. I need to get it set up this summer because planting starts in September-May here in AZ. Thanks
Felinae said…
Those biscuits look delicious!

I'm still waiting patiently for that Salem witch day lily. :D

Have a good day!

Laura said…
so very pretty... i can't wait to see what the salem witch daylily looks like... i'd never heard of it before...
clairedulalune said…
I must have put on a ton of weight since reading your blog, your food looks delicous! haha! Loving your garden too!
Touchatou said…
Miam miammmmm !

And the flowers are unbelievable ! The colors so dense !