Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Salem Witch Daylily Opened!!!

Click to see a close up.

Another one on the way.

Edamame about to bloom


Small bee seeking onion pollen

Snap peas are still producing.

I think I have more pics of my tomatoes than I have of my kids.




The pup

The pup's tail....plume de la plume! 

The pad

Today was bread baking day.  I made hamburger buns with caraway...

And plain

Fresh from the oven...

Mmmmmmm...the sandwich bread is still rising!


magikalseasons said...

Beautiful and yummy!:)

Pricilla said...

The day lilly is just stunning.

Are you going to eat your nasturtiums ?

I have been pitting cherries - 28lbs of them to be exact. So I have cherry pie, cherry buckle and will soon have cherry vanilla ice cream I think.

Felinae said...

The daylily, is just gorgeous! I need to find me some of those.


The Frog Queen said...

I agree that daylily is beautiful. I am definately adding it to my list of "must have" plants.

As always, great pictures!

But, now for some reasop I think I need a hamburger (vegetrian hamburger.) :)

Amistis said...

OOO those look delicious, you should post the recipie!

Touchatou said...

My bread never looks so tidy ! Yummy !

And the daylily is a beauty ! I was looking forward to see it.

Thanks dear !

Laura said...

I love that daylily! Where I can I find that variety?

Autumnforest said...

Oh, I miss day lilies so much! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Simply Susan said...

The daylily is just stunning!