More Garden Pics

Sage               I am cooking and baking today so just a smattering of garden pics.

Japanese Painted Fern




Chameleon plant turning pink

Twin peaches...these should be ready in about a week.

Sage blossom

Morning dew

Morning Glory


Brussel sprouts

Bugs on the pumpkins

Pumpkin tendril

Wild strawberry

More Morning Glories

These tomatoes popped up in a planter that was planted with other things.  They choked out the other plants and these are now thriving.  I have no idea what kind they are and the flower is different from all my other tomatoes.  Does anyone recognize this type?

Sycamore bark


What magnificent colour on those morning glories!
Prospero said…
Nice Morning Glory pictures. And I love sage.

Peaches. Mine started about two weeks ago and I'm struggling to keep up.
Anonymous said…
wow, gorgeous photos!
It tastes great with sage in bread :-) Fantastic pictures as usual. The tomatoe flower looks something like mine does. I have striped cherry tomatoes.
Have a great day now!
The Frog Queen said…
Lovely pictures. That wild strawberry is beautiful.

Touchatou said…
Miam ! Brussel sprouts ! Our summers are not long enough for us to grow them (I've tried !) but they are a treat to us. I know we are bizare ! lol

The Morning Glory looks so... glorious ! What a nice colour. And the Syacamore bark makes me think of an old crone...
Madam Salami said…
I just love your garden photographs. Nothing more beautiful than nature!

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