Witch Spoon, Flea Finds, Fritatta

This is a Moll Pitcher witch spoon in sterling. Moll pitcher was a famous fortune teller who lived in Lynn, Massachusetts. She was originally from Marblehead. Her predictions were so respected that sailors refused to sail on voyages that she predicted would be disastrous. People traveled from all over the world to have an audience with her.

Click for a better look but the top shows an old witch (Moll) leaning on her cane with her cat by her side.

And the name Lynn spelled out in bones.

It has the signature of Moll Pitcher under the witch.

I've started hitting flea markets again. My sister and I did this years ago but when it became popular you could not find anything except junk and the junk was expensive. But this seems to have changed and once again I am finding some interesting things for really good prices. I found this cute mirror for 6 dollars.

And this silver onlay dish in perfect condition for 3.50.

I got these grain sacks for a dollar each and they will be great used as kitchen towels. I found a lot of other things which I will be re-purposing and I will post them when I finish. It is great fun finding items which can be used in a totally different way.

Frittata....another recipe. I made this for breakfast but it can be served at room temp as an appetizer or warm along with a salad. Use a non stick heavy pan.

Add some bacon fat....really!!!!

This is what i use for a pepper grinder.

It makes perfect ground pepper. So grind some fresh pepper...

Add a chopped potato to the warm bacon grease.

And sprinkle it with that pepper and add some sea salt.

I added chopped Swiss chard but you could use spinach or peppers or anything you have on hand.

Continue sauteing over medium heat and throw in some crumbled bacon. Once again you can substitute here. Clean out the frig! You could throw in sausage or ham or pepperoni.

Beat 8 eggs in a bowl.

Chop up some fresh herbs. I used tarragon. Tarragon is wonderful combined with eggs.

Pour the eggs over the potato mixture and sprinkle with the tarragon. Continue cooking and use a spatula to lift the edges to let the eggs run underneath. Cook until set. It will still be wet on the top.

Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top. Be creative here. Use any cheese you have on hand. That is one of the reasons this is such a good recipe. There are endless varieties you can create with what you have on hand.

Place the pan under the broiler until the cheese melts. Nom Nom Nom!!!


Anonymous said…
That looks so very delicious, it sounds a bit like a Spanish tortilla, that is made about the same way ; )
Your finds are so gorgeous !!!!
Have a magical day.
Pricilla said…
that mirror is great.

The male person ate some mustard right out of a jar. Hmmm. In fact he ate almost a third of the jar. What does THAT tell you.

Guess who will be making mustard this weekend after she goes shopping? He didn't even want to wait for the ham. Silly male person!

The publicist was ill last night. It had nothting to do with eating too many Heath bars.....
Is there anything more exciting than finding a real steal or a rare gem at a flea market or garage sale? Nope!
The Frog Queen said…
Lovely finds. Makes we want to get back into flea market shopping again!!!

Thanks for sharing!

clairedulalune said…
I love flea markets and I love your pepper grinder! That's next one my list for hunting inspiration! I also love your idea for cloths!
Touchatou said…
Your pepper grinder is a beauty. Fresh pepper is one of my little pleasures !

Here, we are still in the expensive trash mode...
Autumnforest said…
Num num! I made frittatas in miniature muffin pans and used them as appetizers--another great way to do it. I like the swiss chard idea. Our flea markets in Phoenix are nasty things, not to mention it's 115 today, but even in the wintertime, they're filled with cheap products people are trying to sell cheap and almost nothing used. What are people thinking??? Lucky finds you got there!