Flea Finds and Witch Spoons

You sure can find some good deals at Goodwill! I found these two little porcelain farmers for 99 cents each. They are sort of cute in the birdcage.

They are carrying baskets of apples.

And a ceramic bird for two dollars.

It is happy perched in the stone hand.

A small blueberry sign for 25 cents.

A blue carnival glass compote for three dollars.....get out!!!! I am not a big carnival glass fan but I use all of mine at Halloween. I think it is underestimated for how Halloweenie it is.

A brand new cheese dome in the original box was 1.50. I don't like it as a cheese dome.......

But it works as a cloche for my small plants.

Pumpkin salt and peppers which just became my first fall decorations....

By my outdoor sink. It's never too soon to get ready for Fall!!!

And check this out.....a black wooden plant stand for three dollars.

Which works perfectly to hold my collection of McCoy frogs...a toad stool if you will! (click for a better look)

Can you see the bevel on this mirror? It weighs a ton. This cost three dollars too.

Not sure what I will do with this yet but a cute little picket fence is hard to pass up for seven dollars.

This tray has some rust spots but was only twelve dollars and it is old and heavy. I have been wanting to decoupage so this might be my first project.

My gardening table is a bit funky but I think that is how things should be in the garden. When I was very young my grandfather and I would take a walk in the woods every day after school. He would find little trinkets along the way and he always hung them on a special tree deep in the woods. The tree was covered in broken necklaces, earrings, mittens, anything he found. I thought it was magical to walk through the woods and come upon this decorated tree. That's what I like my gardens to be like.
A witch spoon from Germany. The witch is flying on her broom over......

Brocken. If you look closely the air is filled with bats.

The name is on the shaft.

This is an unusual witch spoon from Salem.

The top is decorated in holly so it must have been produced at the end of the 1800's to be sold as a souvenir for christmas.

This witch spoon is sterling but has no other markings.

So I have no idea where this came from or why it was produced.


Pricilla said…
Toad stool - bwahahahahahahahahaha. Too funny.

The mustard is mostly gone! Soooooo yummy. Thanks so much.Guess what I am doing this weekend?! heh heh
The toad stool is perfect! LOL!
The Frog Queen said…
A toad stool!!! Of course I LOVE that. What a wonderful idea. 100% Frog Queen approval :D

clairedulalune said…
Hello, may I say, I just love your funky bird table!
Guillaume said…
I thought the ceramic bird was a real one.
Touchatou said…
Carnival for 3 dollars ? Nooooo Wayyyyyy !! I am envious ! lol

The toad stool is great ! What a nice idea !

Your gardening table is such a plesant haven...
chib said…
I like the Germany witch spoon!!
Anonymous said…
Love all of your wonderful things! My grandmother had a Carnival piece *exactly* like that. Wonder what happened to it....