Witch Forks and Other Stuff

A Salem With pickle fork. These are really rare. This is design #2 by Daniel Low.

The witch's cat

The Salem Witch on a crescent moon.

This is design #1 and is much simpler. The Salem Witch is pointing. There is the word Salem.

And then the three pins. These were used to bewitch victims.

This piece is a berry fork.

It is about 5 inches long.

The pepper jelly

I made these this morning with the extra jalapenos I had leftover from the jelly. You just seed them and remove the membranes, stuff them with cream cheese and wrap them with bacon. Put a toothpick through them to hold the bacon in place and bake at 375 degrees for about an hour until the bacon is crisp. Mmmmmm....Mmmmmm....Mmmmmmm!!!!!!

Then I baked some mini rolls....

And carved up yesterdays ham...

And broke out the mustard I recently canned...

And made everyone mini ham sandwiches for brunch. We also used the jalapeno jelly on the sandwiches but I, of course, forgot to take that photo.

Tomorrow is peach canning day for sure.

Another zinnia about to bloom.

The first Dortmund rose opened. The bush is only 2 feet tall. I am training it to grow along my back fence and eventually this should put on quite a display.

The second round of sunflowers are about to bloom.

Purple and pink morning glories grow wild here. In fact, they can be very invasive. I have areas where I have to tear them out because they are so thick and grow on the trees and shrubs.

The first of the yellow pear tomatoes.

Some of the tomatoes are very large now.

It rained a bit yesterday and the mushrooms returned.

I know I take too many tomato pictures but they are just so photogenic.

Rain on the peppers


magikalseasons said…
Love the fork! Love the food, flowers and veggies! :) Becca
greekwitch said…
You are the hell of a cook! I am going to try that one with the bacon. It seems easy! Blessings!
Lucie Le Blanc said…
Miammmm ! It is mouth watering ! The peaches are gorgeous. They don't seem to have suffer of insects : how do you do it ?

Nice pictures of the mushrooms and flowers, dear one.
Beautiful forks! and that bacon roll is something I have to try! We have a relative to the morning glory here that is one of our worst weeds. The roots can go so far down as ten meters (about 33 feet), they are almost impossible to get rid of, but very beautiful white or pale pink.

My tomatoe plants sort of stopped now when the colder weather came. So no tomatoes here yet.
Have a great day now!
Sharon Day said…
Love the trident (fertility symbol) fork. Pretty cool! Your recipes are awesome. I love seeing pictures of things growing in the summer instead of dying under 115 degree sunshine. I get my growing bliss in autumn and late winter here. My peach tree died, so I'm living vicariously through yours. :-)
brokenteepee said…
Aaaaah, I did apricots...not that I grew them!