No More Peaches!!! Weird witch!!!

Wahoo!!!! Imagine me dancing around the kitchen cause that is exactly what I am doing. I recruited my 25 year old son to help. He may never speak to me again. Actually he talked about baseball and didn't seem to even notice that he peeled 18 pounds of fruit. Though this was my first experience with canning I have had years of cooking experience. It comes naturally to me to lean over the sink when peeling something juicy. It also is just good common sense. At one point I stopped to look at him and he had peach juice pouring from his elbows. Then I noticed he was standing way too far from the sink and had his hands way up in the air. I explained that the peaches had already been picked. Though the prep time went by much faster than yesterday the cleanup time lengthened considerably. In case anyone else has a leave of their senses and actually decides to try this I have a tip for you. Make extra peach juice and can it too. Then you can use it for peach martinis which you will need the next time you think about repeating this whole process. Ok ok...for all you tea totters....make peach tea.

I had to clean off basement shelves to make room to store all of these peachy little peachlings. In doing so I came across a box I didn't recognize. I opened it and found a large Radko ornament of a witch head that I had no memory of owning. Cool, an unexpected gift to myself! I got so excited and decided to add it to today's post. I took it outside to photograph it and propped it up on a large stone on my table. As I was adjusting my lens I heard one of those noises that you just know can never be good. I have a Michael Jackson witch head. Damn!!

Sorry MJ but your nose was friggin' weird.


Touchatou said…
OMG ! 18 pounds just today ? I tought yesterday you were over with what it had to give !
greekwitch said…
I thought the exactly same thing.Oh, you poor thing. Well, today you had help. I am not proud of it, but i have to admit it..I would never help my mom with something like that!!!! You have a great kid! I can't say i like the MJ witch head, but i love the idea of a peach martini!
Autumnforest said…
The peaches have my mouth watering. The witch has me smiling. I love finding little gifts like that. It's like a reward for your hard work and the goddess saying "good girl."
Pricilla said…
You will be happy for all your canning come winter when those peaches taste like summer.

Michael Jackson nose - heh heh
Hibiscus Moon said…
Oh, how I wish I knew how to do this! My grandmother and great aunt did it all the time but never got around to showing me how.
Ancel said…
Funny. And what will you do tomorrow?
Soraya said…
Oh my god, they look so good!!!
I actually had peach yogart the other day with little pieces of it in it.... it was really good. Now I want a peace! Lol
Blessed be!
Those canns really looks delicious so I think it was woth the work. Great looking witch, sorry about her nose though. And Jacksons nose was really weird :-)
Have a great day now!