What's Happenin' in the Garden?

Creepy moth

This is a pretty bright color for a moth.

Creepy bug. I think this might be a shield bug.


Puppy Puppy Puppy


These are actually deep purple but didn't photograph that way.

Ebony and Ivory....well, you know what I mean.

Oh no....the green man is eating my plants.


Sunflower bud

Oakleaf hydraneas

Pumpkin blossom

Pumpkin bud


Caraway breadsticks....I've been baking batches of these since 5:00am. I wrap thetops in prosciutto just before I serve them.
And garlic knots fresh from the oven.


Touchatou said…
I love the Green Man ! I discovered him with you cause we don't know him up here. I think I will adopt one !

I need that recipe of Caraway breadstick ! lol
Love the deep vibrant yellow of the pumpkin blossom!
I love that moth! It´s so beautiful!
The green man too! I think I´ll try tomatillo next year, I´ve heard that they taste great. Great pictures as usual!
Autumnforest said…
I love collecting the Green Man images and feel strangely comforted like he's a father figure for me. I almost got the Green Man as my tattoo and decided to get the autumn leave on my shoulder instead. I thought a floating face would look weird on my arm. hee hee. The moth is amazing--you're attracting magical creatures.
Pricilla said…
Mmmm, garlic knots.

We are off to a friends for dinner tonight. Hawaiian theme - now to figure out how to make zucchini Hawaiian.
Pretty, pretty, and more beautiful. Looks all well in your neck of the woods.
Ancel said…
Up since 5am baking? So you didn't feel the need to rest after the peach ordeal? Love the green man photo.