Flea Finds

We hit the thrift stores yesterday. I found this old marble table for 12.00. It weighs around 50 pounds. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but the marble alone makes this worthwhile.

I found this old lazy susan which will be transformed into something much more usable. It was 2.00. And this plain but well built small table painted a mustard color...6.00.

A branch of copper maple leaves (they are real copper) was 99 cents.

This is a really sweet little incense cottage.

You place a cone of incense inside and the smoke comes out of the chimney on top. I always burn incense when I work in the garden to ward off insects. It smells good and there are no bugs. I usually burn pine scented incense. Oh, this cost 1.99.

I found yet another cheese dome/cloche. $1.50 These sure will be useful in my spring garden when we still have cool nights.

A cute little cornucopia tile for 69 cents.

And this was too strange. I found the first tulipiere in one store and then found the second one in a different store. I never see these anywhere and then I find two on the same day in two different stores. 1.99 for one and 2.99 for the other. Tulipieres were popular during the victorian period. They are vases for individual stems of flowers. When filled they look like big bouquet. I will buy some flowers and fill it in the next few days and post it on here so you can see it.

You could place another vase in the center for a layered effect.

This one is identical to the other except it has a removable center piece.

I bought this for my garden shelves. It has a switch and when turned on the windows light up. 99 cents.

A brand new pair of leather braces(suspenders) 1.99

And a brand new straw cowboy hat for 1.00. Can anyone guess what I am going to make with these two items?

This was my big find. A Roseville cauldron for 14.95. But since it was Wednesday everything was half off. So, 7.50. I have been collecting these for years and never paid less than 35.00 for one this size. And I have never found them anywhere other than ebay.

Someone was not quite awake this morning.

Oops....eyes open. Her winter coat is about to start growing back. This is her svelte look.

Hey, remember the little table from the beginning of the post? It makes a nice little shelf for the birdhouse on my potting table and adds a whole new dimension to it. Not bad for 6.00! The cornucopia tile is in the cage.

The translation from yesterday's spice rack is roughly:

"The best thing you can have on earth is freedom and good court."

What the hell does that mean?


Great findings! I love the copper leaves and one doesn´t find leather supenders everywhere today.
Have a great day now!
Wow, you hit the flea market jackpot today! I love the copper maple leaves too and can't wait to see your floral arrangements made with the tulipieres! As for that German saying, does "court" mean like a court of law? If so, perhaps "good court" could be translated more figuratively as "justice"? Freedom and justice are both good things to have!
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, what great finds. I am ver jealous of the marble table :)

Happy hunting (shopping) :D

Illustrated Ink said…
Wow, what great finds!! I love flea market scavenging! Those multi-vases are so pretty. I have one too that I enjoy.:) Looking forward to seeing the pics of them filled with flowers...
Autumnforest said…
The marble table looks like it could make a neat chess game setup if you stenciled black squares on it. Neat finds!
Abeje said…
to further on debra's post:
in medieval literature, the ladies "hold court" (have people over basically) so it could also mean good friends
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures, as usual (my comments must get really repetitive). I love the incense cottages, for some reason. And I hope you will use the cauldron for your autumn cooking. It is both a useful and aesthetic item.
Anonymous said…
wow, what great finds!
oh and i have to tell you that the mustard is just perfect. it's so yummy in ham sandwiches and in my home made salad dressing! thanks so much again!
clairedulalune said…
Oh, you did get some treats! I love it when it happens, the only problem is I finding it hard to find room for it all now! Haha! I love your gardening table!
Hibiscus Moon said…
Such great finds. I don't know how to "flea market" at all. When I go, I look at the stuff and it just looks like a bunch of junk to me. Then a friend buys it, cleans it up and I see it again (as if for the 1st time) and say "wow, that's a great find."

Pricilla said…
I am thinking you are going to make a scarecrow for Halloween...
Hi! I'm Grace said…
Hi Jaz, this is my first time in your blog and I would like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. :)
Toria said…
Maybe good court means something like good company.
Touchatou said…
Ah dearest ! I am quite jealous of your finds !

I love Automnforest idea of a game table ! Genious !

And the tulipieres are exquisite. I believe the world to be french, "tulipières", meaning a vase for tulips.

And the cauldron is a marvelous piece. Could you really use it ?
I love that Garden Table...just beautiful! I want a tour of your house and gardens now! Sorry to inundate you with comments today. But I was taking a break to catch up on blogs, and I have become spell bound by yours...ha! :o)