Harvest and Bake

Yesterday I harvested my first carrots. Quite a surprise for the last week of July. I get about a handfull of snow peas each day and I have about 12 plants. This does not seem right.

Go figure!!!! My lettuce is still growing.

I got up at 4:30 this morning to try this recipe. Sorry it is blurry but I still was too!

These are just out of the oven. They are coconut orange rolls.

Just glazed


Awwwww...my first eggplant!

Tomatillos are getting big.


Peach tomatoes....these will be white and fuzzy when ripe.




Autumnforest said…
Every day is sunshine and golden, isn't it? I love to see someone living in the moment. Most people miss the beauty and what inspires them to get up and roll out of bed and go do the same day over and over again if there isn't garden plants and fresh baked bread? You certainly must give your family a great comfort and security. The witch collection is pretty awesome too--you could start a museum.
magikalseasons said…
Super yummmy rolls! I thought about you yesterday when I harvested my 1st pickle cuke! I can't grow the long carrots but I just harvested the thumblina ones! They are small and round but tasty! :) Becca
Those coconut orange rolls looks delicious!
I haven´t had a vegteble garden for a couple of years now (exept for my tomatoes ofcourse), but I think I´ll have a small one next year. Peas, beans and lettuce is a good start I think. We have a little to much of cabbage butterflies here to grow much of that, but some broccoli could be nice too.
Have a great day now!
Felinae said…
The coconut orange rolls look good.
Ok, not just the orange rolls, everything looks amazing! :D

clairedulalune said…
My goodness, you do inspire me to get up and make the most of my days! Lovely veggies and plants and lovely baking from the oven! Hopefully mine will be fixed next week!
Ancel said…
Do you get up so early every day? What a treat to have those rolls for breakfast, they look delicious. There's a lot though, what do you do with the rest?
Illustrated Ink said…
Can you please come to mu house and make those amazing looking rolls? Your daughter is a lucky girl!