My Daughter's House

I've decided to start a tour of some of the interesting items at my daughter's house. Well, it's really my house but my daughter lives there. Well, it's really the guest house which my daughter has sort of taken over but I am thrilled to have her living there. I now have a reason to get up before sunrise each day and make breakfast and lunches for she and her boyfriend. I decorated the entire house long before she moved in so mostly everything there is mine and it houses some of my unique collections. Above is a German chocolate pot and cups for hot chocolate. Notice the bird on the left?

This bird has not flown recently. Actually not in a long time. More taxidermy to come later.

This is a bronze dragon doorknocker holding a sterling silver wreath in it's mouth.

Here is a very rare German spice set. It is very hard to find such an extensive set in perfect condition. Does anyone know what the saying on the back plate means? Translation will come tomorrow! Below the set you will see a copper overlayed measuring cup set. I bought these from a man that makes each set by hand. The copper overlays stainless steel. There is also a green witch head toothpick holder. And a pair of Salem Witch salt and pepper shakers.


What a beautiful doorknocker! Impossible to find here I think.
Nowdays it´s forbidden to sell or buy stuffed animals over here. I can´t for my life understand why if they are old.

I´ve translated the text but I can´t make sense of it :-):-) Something like this I think it says: What is better given on earth (I think it says erden anyway) than peace and a good court. Could that be right or is my german dissapering in my head :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
The doorknocker is amazing.

I didn't do German in school - it was French and Spanish for me and most of it fell out of my head when the operated. heh heh. Zut alors!
clairedulalune said…
You have such wonderful pieces! I too love the door knocker! I love it when i see a post written by you!
The Frog Queen said…
How lovely....all those pieces! Can you come decorate my house :)

BTW - love the Kate song playing :) Made my day!

That door knocker is stunning!
Autumnforest said…
That has to be the most charming place to wake up in the morning, with mom's fresh baked bread scenting the air and cute heirlooms everywhere. A charmed life.
greekwitch said…
You are so sweet. You make them breakfast?
My mom often cooks for us and i can tell you it is deeply appreciated!lol
Although, i must admit i did n;t like the bird. Poor thing!Kinda creepy!
The door knocker on the other hand is a masterpiece! I would love to have thought of putting a special door knocker before they put that simple, plain and boring one! I am going to see if it gets out(that is me.Crazy lady in the night checking out if i can change the door knocker)
You have so many interesting pieces - and the door knocker is smashing!
My German is a bit rusty, but it I think it is " There is nothing better on earth than peace and justice."
greekwitch said…
I did n;t know the word for my beautiful bells in English. Wind chimes!
I love how they sound, they make me think of fairies and lands far, far away.
Touchatou said…
I missed your posts so much this last week ! But I am back now and won't miss another one !

Everything in that house is a jewel. But I would be afraid to break something... The chocolate pot and the cups are divine !