1950's Halloween

I got another Salem Witch pitcher on ebay. This was a deal. Usually these sell for hundreds of dollars but sometimes they slip under the radar.

The front shows the witch trying to snatch bats out of the sky.

The back shows the witch pins. These pins were supposedly used like voodoo doll. The pins were stuck in a poppet to inflict pain on people.

More new magazines I picked up today.

Paula's doesn't look very Halloweeny but it says it has Halloween recipes inside.

The two best...Martha's and Somerset. I can't wait to chill out tonight and look at them.

I bought this old Collegeville Halloween wig for $2.92. As soon as I saw it I was transferred back in time to the Halloween's of my youth. I can remember how stiff these were and how they always slid all around your head when you were trick or treating. I think I remember the black ones 'bleeding' all over your face when you got sweaty. Black dye=brain damage. That explains a lot. This is from the early 1950's. Click on it for a better view and you will see some of the things it advertises. It insults almost everyone across the board. And it claims to be flame retarded......hmmmmmm....does that mean it doesn't know how to handle fire? Plus, I don't think you are allowed to say retarded anymore no matter what you are referring to. Unless you are me and had all that black dye pouring into your brain which made me retarded and allows me to say anything that I want.

A 1950's scarecrow for 25 cents. I think that is what these cost back then. Well, maybe 10 cents!

And a 1950's Jack O'Lantern. Where is his nose?


chib said…
That lantern is very interesting. The nose must be somewhere up.. may be!
chib said…
The lantern is gorgeous, I think the nose is up there..... may be!
Autumnforest said…
The witch pitcher is amazing--that should be showcased--what a find!!!
Sometimes the social statements made by old collectibles (like that wig) are pretty cringe-worthy, aren't they? On a happier note, I think I remember that old paper scarecrow from my childhood, or perhaps that's just wishful thinking!
Touchatou said…
The wig looks like steel wool ! Ouch ! Do you know where the 3 pins witch symbols come from ? Do they represent the maiden, the mother and the crone ?
What a beautiful pitcher! Lucky lucky!
VintageSage said…
I LOVE that pitcher Jaz!! You have the best collection of witchy items I have seen!

Have a great weekend. :)
greekwitch said…
When i saw the pitcher i said wow! We do not have cool things like that because we do not celebrate halloween.
About the pumpkin guy, i know he was noseless, but i felt he was also teethless because of the little bump in the middle of his mouth. I do not know why though..Oversharing? Well, you know me!
Jeanne said…
The pitcher is gorgeous.
It´s a really nice pitcher! But I have never seen any pitcher with that shape, in the bottom, before.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure it said flame retardant, not retarded. Guess you think you're pretty funny. NOT.
jaz said…
hmmmmm....i think hannahj is retardant.
Anonymous said…
Hanna if you click on the picture, clearly it says "flame retarded." Anyway, total wig FAIL