Chow Chow and Chow

Sorry, when you own a Chow Chow you always make these stupid food puns.

Unlike some places in the world, we do not sup on our Chow.

Here are the three day chocolate chip cookies. They actually turned into four day cookies because I just didn't get around to baking them until yesterday.

A little background on chocolate chip cookies:

In the 1930's Mrs. Wakefield, the owner of The Toll House Inn in Wakefield, Massachusetts, was baking cookies. Depending on which story you choose to believe, either a bar of Nestles semi sweet chocolate fell off the shelf or just by pure inspiration, Mrs. Wakefield chopped up a bar of chocolate and added it to her cookie mix. A cookie legend was born!

The dough is weighed out at 3 1/2 ounces for each cookie.

Allowing the ingredients to "rest" in the refrigerator for the three days gives them a chance to blend together more thoroughly than if they were baked immediately. The sugar combines with the eggs and the butter melds with the flour and it simply turns into one big pile of seriously yummy dough.

The dough is then formed into balls and placed far enough apart to allow them to spread without touching. One of the key steps is to crack sea salt on top of each cookie before they bake. The sea salt heightens the flavor of the finished cookies.

Forming the dough into 3 1/2 ounce balls ensures that the finished cookie is made up of three distinct sections. The browned and crunchy outer circle, the middle circle with a distinctive chocolate/caramel flavor and the chewy inner circle.

The finished product. The PERFECT chocolate chip cookie.

I use both semi sweet chocolate chips and chocolate disks. Both are at least 60% cocoa content. The disks melt and spread which gives you a bit of both chocolate and cookie in each bite.

They cool on racks and are ready to eat.

I hate chocolate and don't really like cookies but everyone I make these for says they are by far the best chocolate chips they have ever tasted.

Here comes yet another recipe. I had nothing else ready for today's post so I just decided to post what I was doing this morning.

This is a really good way to use leftover spaghetti.

Place a layer of pepperoni on the bottom of a non stick frying pan.

Crack 6-8 eggs into a bowl.

Add about 4 tablespoons of parmesan cheese.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add some shredded basil leaves.

Whisk this all together.

Add the leftover spaghetti. About 2 cups.

Add about 1 - 1 1/2 cups of mozzarella and provolone cheese. Toss this around until thoroughly combined.

Pour this mixture into the pan over the pepperoni. Cook over medium heat lifting the edges gently to allow the egg mixture to run underneath to cook.

Cover with a lid and cook over low heat until set.

Cut into wedges and serve with tomatoes.

This can be made with any kind of leftover pasta even if it has sauce on it.

It can be eaten warm or served at room temperature.



Autumnforest said…
Fantastic! I have to admit that I've perfected the chocolate chip cookie so much that people ask for them every time they visit, so I keep the dough in a bag in the fridge to make as needed. I make them cholesterol free for hubby because he had to give up beef and pork and won't give up cookies. I use Canola Harvest spread and egg whites instead of butter and whole eggs. I think the cookies are boring if they're just "white" cookies with chips, so I grate some chocolate and add it to the dough and then add the chocolate chips to make a "dirty" batter. Yums. I love your pepperoni/spaghetti frittata idea. Yums!
Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. AM LOVING IT! Bookmarked!

I adore your chow. I've always wanted one! My grandparents had one.

Also, can you tell me where all these fabulous flea markets are that you're finding these witch spoons at??? I live in NYC and I used to be from Massachusetts but I never came across these spoons while flea-ing!! Not fair! Moll Pitcher was such a local treasure! I want a spoon with her image carved on there too. :-)
Strangly enough Chocolate chip cookies isn´t the most popular cookie over here, perhaps on the top ten though :-) I love them :-)
The other thing looks good to. I ust starts saving Your recipies on my computor now I think!
Have a great day now!
Anonymous said…
#1 This Pasta breakast dish is amazing. I wish I had consumed a third piece.

#2 How cute is our puppy? I loves her to death!

#3 I totally already nommed on that chocolate chip cookie. I believe I ate it at around 9am!
Pricilla said…
Now if I put a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough in my refrigerator it would not last three days. My husband would eat it. In fact for one birthday that is what I gave him instead of a cake - a bowl of cookie dough for him to eat!
Rue said…
Rummaging through cupboard..... chocolate chips! Heading out to the store now....(tummy rumbles.)

Thanks for the recipies!
Dede said…
Those chocolate chip cookies are the perfect cookies. They look so yummy!
VintageSage said…
Oh yum! I have never used chocolate discs in my cookies before...let alone letting them sit for 3 days. I am definitely trying this. That spaghetti pie looks fantastic. I just ate but now I'm getting hungry for chocolate chip cookies!! :) Your Chow is the most adorable bear I've seen. :)

Touchatou said…
Miammmmm ! Those chocolate cookies look delicioussssss !
Okay...well I see now that we part ways at the love of chocolate...ha! I only WISH that I didn't love chocolate so much, or cookies. can anyone not love it! But never-the-less...those cookies look incredibly delicious. And so does the other I am hungry!