Flea Finds But Not on Me

I don't have no crummy fleas!

Is that scarecrow moving?

I might need a piece of him.

Oh, he's just a dummy!

I've been looking for an old wire birdcage to use in the garden. All I've been seeing are cages with plastic bottoms. Yesterday I finally found what I wanted though it was covered with gaudy decorations. It was so bad I actually ripped most of them off and left them in the store. $3.95

This stuff got thrown away fast!

Good deal and it is in great shape.

Now to figure out what to do with it!

I found another working barometer to satisfy my weather addiction. This will just hang in the garage. $2.50

A sweet little jam pot for $1.00. I buy these when I find them because I give away lots of homemade biscuits and jam and these are so much nicer than a plain jar.

A brand new pair of rooster S&P's for $1.75. These are now on the potting table.

Another owl. This one was $2.00. The paint is very one dimensional so I will touch it up to make it look better. Another Halloween decoration!

Hmmmm....maybe this little guy would be happy in that birdcage. 25 cents

This was a cute find for $1.00. A Gold Medal Flour recipe box.

With all the original recipe cards.

Jake's hat....$1.00.

These very heavy shabby chic candlesticks were $2.00 for the set.

More wooden candlesticks for Halloween decorations. $3.00 for all of them. These were popular in the 1960's and it seems that everyone has gotten rid of them because I am finding them everywhere I go and they are always cheap. Though I am using them for Halloween, they could be painted any color and used for all sorts of centerpieces or decorations.

This giant, heavy oak candlestick was handmade on a lathe and signed on the bottom. $1.75....once again, so much for artistic appreciation!

This heavy metal miniature chair was $1.75. It will look cute with a pumpkin sitting on it.

Who remembers this game?

I played this all the time when I was a kid.

But I sure never knew it was a backgammon game from India. $2.00

This pair was $1.25. These will work so well with all of the other Halloween items I have been hording.

This is too cute! A depression glass corn crib.

Filled with what else??? $8.00


Autumnforest said…
I say you need to put a pretty fairy or a few fairies in the cage in the garden...very magical.
Dede said…
WOW the rosters and the owl are fabulous! The cage is going to look so nice in the garden. Where do you get all of these deals? We don't have any stores like that around here. You truly have a way of finding great deals! The new blog background is very pretty!
Love the new autumn look of your blog! Yay parcheesi! I played that a lot as a kid too, but never knew it was a form of backgammon. Cool!
Pricilla said…
I like your spiffy crisp new look.

I wish I had shops like you have around me...
How much fun to shop like that?!
Rue said…
Great finds! Now where did you get candy corn this early in the season? Yum!
You've got my thrifting urge in overdrive with these posts.
The Frog Queen said…
Very cool stuff. Absolutely love that candy dish!!

I really like the new look on Your blog!
The big oak candlestick is great, wish I could find something like thet over here. But I never light candles. If I forget to put it out this little cottage would be gone in minutes :-) :-) The jam pot was also really nice!

That game, we call it "Fia med knuff", that would be something like Fia with a push in english :-) I and my sister could play it for hours at a time :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
By the wy, Your chow is so beautiful!
clairedulalune said…
My goodness you are queen of the bargains! Fantastic finds! I have to cut flea markets out for a while, I simply have no more room! By the way, loving the new blog decor, I cant wait to crunch through the leaves!
Touchatou said…
Oh yeahhhhhhhh !! What finds ! And I agree with you, artistic appreciation has gone down the drain...
Touchatou said…
And nice reorganisation of your site !
Laura said…
i love all your finds and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your new background and header... i'm so ready for fall to get here!
Autumn needs to get here NOW! Your new background makes me wish I had the power to snap my fingers and make it October already and make the season last 6 months instead of 2.

By the way - did you get the depression glass corn crib at the flea market with the candy corn already in it? Or did you fill it up afterwards?

And finally - can you please give me more info on where you got your chow? I've been wanting a chow for years now and have been slowly looking at/researching breeders but I still have some hesitations. I would love to talk to you more about them but I can't seem to locate your email info and I feel kind of weird posting all of that in the comments section. :-P
The new background is great. Love autumn colours. Looking forward to pics of your Halloween decorations!
Lola said…
Ciao! Thank you for stopping by my blog, leaving your kind comment and becoming a follower!
This place looks like a lot of fun. I'm off to take a look...

And I agree with your quote!
Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
Jen Kershner said…
Some great finds you have there! And your pup's face! Who could resist that?
chib said…
I like the jam pot