Flea Finds

I had another good day at the thrift stores. I found this old wicker mirror for 6.99. It is in perfect shape.

Then I found a matching smaller mirror for 3.99. I don't even need to touch these up.

Another little statue for my bird cage on the potting bench. She has a basket of apples and is holding a knife and about to peal a pear. 99 cents.

She is at home with the other farmers.

An aluminum ware ice bucket for 2.99. I have a lot of aluminum ware because it works so well for outside entertaining. It looks nice pieced together and it doesn't break. When you can find pieces this cheap it is better than using disposables. Not only is it cheaper but it is environmentally friendly too.

A wooden candle sconce for 1.69. I am going to use it on my porch with the plant stand that I posted a while back. Both match my new porch furniture.

These remind me of my youth! Paper poinsettia doilies.

With instructions for how to use them. I don't think I will follow the instructions. I'm not sure what I will do with them but for .39 cents they were worth the trip down memory lane. They are from 1954. And yes, though I was alive then, I was just barely alive.

This very sturdy little table was 1.69! I buy these whenever I find one.

This was the same price.

I use them outside in all sorts of ways.

Usually I stack pots on them under my potting table. For 1.69 I can throw them away when they wear out. They hold up surprisingly well though. I do put them away for winter.

This pyrex casserole was 1.00. Once again, if I have to use it in place of plastic it is cheaper and greener. I give a lot of food away to friends and neighbors and at this price if I never see the dish again it is not a great loss.

I have an idea for fall decorating and I need some glass candle holders. I have thrown or given away a bunch of these over the years and now I need some again. I didn't want to spend much so I have been looking for them in thrift shops. I am probably buying some of my old ones back! Yesterday I hit the candle holder jackpot.

This pair was 69 cents.

These were 49 cents.

This was also 49 cents.

And this very nice pair of candlewick holders was 29 cents for the pair! Weehaa!! What a bargain! I will post the pics of how I use them in the Fall.

Another bit of nostalgia. A 1950's vegetable peeler for 29 cents. I collect these old 50's kitchen utensils because if you can find them in good shape they are heavy duty tools and affordable. I also like the colors.

This was really a cute find for 99 cents. This is from the 1934 World's Fair. It is a nut serving dish with three round individual dishes.

Planter's Peanuts items are very collectible.

You can even see the salt on the peanuts.

It is hot and miserable so I am hibernating in my A/C and cooking. But as I cook, I am planning my Fall decorating. As soon as the temps drop I will hit the ground running. I will be posting all of my decorating pictures as well as my vintage Halloween collection. This is MY time of year!! This will be the first time I get to share it on the blog so I hope everyone will enjoy seeing it. I am very much a seasonal cook so I will also be posting a lot of my favorite fall and Halloween recipes. I hope you come along for the adventure. If anyone has anything special they would like to see just leave a comment!


Great findings!
The paper poinsettia doilies gave me a memory flash back. I could suddenly see my grandmothers kitchen and I think a birthday party :-) I think it was us kids that had them at our table.
Have a great day now!
I remember those old vegetable peelers! Haven't seen one for years, of course. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic finds! I love the potting table. The mirror was a super steal. I love mirrors--have them everywhere. They have a way of bringing light and energy and making rooms seem boundless. Very cool stuff!
Pricilla said…
You are just having some fun! Good for you.
I am making cheese today...cheddar!
Dede said…
Wonderful finds! Love the little tables. How are the toll house cookies coming? :)
clairedulalune said…
Oh, you did very well! I cant wait to see your postings on halloween! I am all giddy thinking about it!
Rue said…
(applause) Way to go on the finds! I especially like the glass candle holders. I have some gorgeous candle holders, but I'm always pulling out some antique jam jars instead and throwing a tealight in them, and setting them around the house and garden in bunches. Cheap is the way to go!
I enjoy your blog so much - you find so many interesting things!
Delwyn said…
Hi jaz

I can't believe the good value of your finds.
Is this a regular activity for you, something you are obviously good at...

Happy days
chib said…
Those small tables are in Africa too. People sometimes they use them as alternate to chairs in outdoors. They usually made from strong timber.
In Swahili we call them Kigoda for one and vigoda when they are more than one.
You have a nice collection!!
Suzie said…
Well, this is rather spooky! But I'm jumping ahead a bit.

First, thank you SO much for visiting my blog! I love meeting new friends, so I came to visit yours, as well.

You mentioned kindred spirits. .well, maybe more than you realized. The very first thing I see on your blog is a mirrored image (excuse the pun), of the very same mirror that I bought last weekend at our local flea & antique market! While I didn't get the bargain that you did, I was still very happy to find it, and it was still a steal!

Then, I continue scrolling down, enjoying all of your luscious finds, and what do I see, but an aluminum ice bucket! I too bought one, very similar in design. I needed another one to hold my vintage kitchen gadgets that I not only display, but use regularly!

What fun we'd have trolling through all of the antique and flea market malls that are around here, not to mention the seasonal outdoor ones! lol

Now I'm anxiously awaiting to see what you do with your candlesticks, and to enjoy your Halloween decorating, not to mention your recipes! (did I mention that I also collect cookbooks? lol)
Touchatou said…
Nice ! The tables are super finds. And I like the aluminium and glass objects a lot.