Food and Chow Chow (to some it is the same)

I am sooooo in a Halloween mood. I put out a tray of treats that would have driven me crazy as a kid.

I found these apothecary jars at a thrift store and they were screaming for candy.


I would rather eat them than smoke it.

Bulls eyes

Not my favorite flavors but the colors work.

Until I shot these pics I never realized there were two kinds of Mary Janes.

Architectural Tootsie Rolls


Not being a chocolate fan, I go for the dots every time.

With the onset of cool weather I went into Fall cooking mode. I made trays of Chex Mix. You can't watch football without Chex Mix. Here it is before baking.

I made bread.

And rolls.

I bagged a lot of Chex Mix.

Finished product!

Sleepy Chow Chow

That's what happens when you get up at 4:30.

Nap time by 7:00 am.


Dede said…
You had a very productive day! I so love the Dots, they have always been my favorite and the bulls eyes and the Mary Janes. The kids asked me the other day about the chex mix, I told them when the weather gets cooler. The rolls look so yummy.
But it´s 60 days left to Halloween! I would never be able to have that much candy at home so long time before :-) :-):-) That ammount would probably not even last till next weekend :-)
Have a great day now!
Rue said…
I agree - that candy would be gone very quickly around here!

Care to share what you put in your chex mix? Looks yummy!
Anonymous said…
Oh my! I'm coming to your house to eat all that yummy snack food! And OMG! The Chow Chow dog = CUUUUTE! <3!
The Frog Queen said…
I hear you all, the candy looks great....but homemade bread. That would go first in my house! :D

Thanks for making me want to take lunch early :)

Pricilla said…
That candy wouldn't last a day around me. *sigh* I have NO control...
Laurie said…
Yep ~ that candy would be gone long before Halloween ~ especially the Mary Janes!!
I want to come to your house for all those yummy things!
VintageSage said…
Okay this post made me SOOOOOO hungry. You are quite the cook and baker dear! I love everything. I am definitely a DOTS girl too. Your Chow Chow is so flippin' adorable! I just want to HUG him and cuddle him! Lol!
Bella Foxglove said…
Candy is great, but I am all about the bread lol. I love to bake bread, and it is one of the few things that I can bake that will not kill people.

(My cupcakes can double as hockey pucks *giggles*)

I adore the apothecary jars, and they goodies you have inside make a lovely visual piece!

I have never made Chex mix, but always wanted to try...just never got around to it!

I am not sure which I love more, the array of bread or the massive amount of counter space it sits on ha!

Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
That candy looks so yummy !! I wish we had that kind of Halloween candy. Halloween isn't that big here in The Netherlands, maybe in the future ; )
Have a great day !!
Touchatou said…
Love so much the jars ! And Teddy is so good looking.

How do you made Chex Mix ? You buy the stuff and cook it ? I haven't got a clue ! lol
greekwitch said…
HOw do you stop yourself from eating them all?
Rue said…
Thanks so much for popping by with the recipe! I know what I'll be doing this weekend....

You're the best!
yum yum! Now chex mix is new to me, too. But it looks good.
Oh I love homemade Chex Mix. My grandmother always made it to have on hand for the holidays from October through New Years. I would eat by the handfuls and I remember loving the taste of Worstershire (sp?) in it! Yummers! I must pull out her recipe and make some for the start of College Ball this weekend!
Lisa said…
oooh we're coming over for football, ok?!? Your doggie is so adorable. Love all the fixins.
Aussiemade said…
What a great set up, we dont have Mary Janes, or Dots. What is Chex Mix? It looks yummy. Ohh I want to come trick or treating at your