Cheap Glass

I don't know what it is about the area I live in but you sure can find cheap glass. I bought these 4 candlewick candle holders for 50 cents each.

These were 50 cents each. I think that since so much glass was produced around here people take it for granted.

I love finding these old candelabras. Even if I don't find them in pairs they are great at 99 cents each. I actually don't like matching things. I like mixing patterns and styles.

These are all pressed glass but of high quality.

At this price the candles cost more than the candelabras.

It is so much fun to dig these out of dingy old boxes and clean them up and bring them back to life.

This candy dish was 50 cents.

And this very nice three legged nappy was 99 cents.

Ahhhhh...the mother load. I have these cleaned and waiting to take their place in the Halloween decorations. These are all votive candle holders which fit into candlesticks. I didn't pay more than 69 cents for any one of these. Some are amber and some are clear, some are new and some are old, but they all will work well with my Halloween and fall theme. Right now I am like Halloween central. I have all of my pieces sitting in my garage either drying or waiting to be painted and trimmed. Soon it will all come together!


wow, i can't believe those prices, lucky you!
Felinae said…
How lucky to find such great looking pieces at awesome prices!

Have a great weekend :D
Autumnforest said…
I really love amber everything! I'd love to some day get a tumbler and do tumbled glass pieces--beautiful! It looks like you could do a cool tablescape of glass everything with lots of glittering lights and maybe a tablecloth of shimmery iridescent cloth, it could make a beautiful winter setting. What finds! I wish it were about 30 degrees cooler and I'd go out and hunt some deals too.
Touchatou said…
Love those candelabras ! I like glass a lot too. It resonated with the colors all around, almost as if it is alive. ;)
clairedulalune said…
They are wonderful! I can not wait to see your halloween theme!
Fantastic glass candelabras! And so cheap too! I don´t think I have ever seen any of those over here, I think I would have remembered if I had.
Have a great day now!
Hibiscus Moon said…
Now that's a lot of glassware! ;)
Amistis said…
i cant wait to see what your place looks like all decked out! you MUST post pics! Virtual Tour!
Pricilla said…
I am looking forward to the Halloween tour!
Bella Foxglove said…
I love candelabras as well! That is one heck of a load of glassware, but I know it will look amazing once you get everything in place. I love seeing all the treasures you find...
Moncha said…
That's a great deal, the glass looks so pretty !!!
Have a wonderful day !
Laurie said…
Those candelabras are wonderful. I love to collect glass candy dishes, they remind me of ones my Nana used to have.