I Fell for Fall

I can't help it. Even though it is a million degrees outside, I can smell it in the air. Fall is just around the corner. I am like my dog when a chicken is roasting. She can smell it a mile away and I can smell fall. I hung my Fall wreath on the front door. So what, sue me!!! I declare that Fall has begun!!!! Call the season police if you must. They can lock me up and force feed me margaritas with little umbrellas but I will burp apple cider!!! It's happening....it's here!

I promised to fill the tulipiers and I did. What I didn't promise was healthy flowers. There is a flower monopoly in this town that really ticks me off. You either have to pay a gazillion dollars for good flowers or buy them from street vendors who sell the wholesaler's dying blooms. I thought I bought some healthy roses until I unwrapped them. But I filled the vases anyway.

I filled each one with water.

I used another small vase to place in the center.

One rose bud is placed in each hole.

I filled the center vase with roses.

This is the final arrangement with the center vase placed inside the tulipiere.

I roasted a chicken for dinner yesterday and decided to show you a simple way to use leftover chicken. Curried chicken salad.

Chop all of the leftover chicken into small dice.

Add curry powder. I added 3 tablespoons. This amount depends on how heavy you want the curry flavor to be. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add about 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard, a half cup of mayonnaise and a third cup of sour cream. Mix together.

Sqeeze in the juice from one lime.

Mix in some chopped Thai basil. This is optional but I have a lot of this in my garden and I put it in anything I can.

Almost forgot this ingredient....chop up one Granny Smith apple.

Mix the apple into the salad.

Curried chicken salad which can be eaten plain or made into a sandwich. Mmmmmm!!!


I remember August to be a bad month for cutting flowers, it´s like food in august too. We call this period for rot month. As soon as the heat hits they get bad, even the more expensive ones from the flowershops.

I´ll try that curried chicken some time!
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Yes, even in Phoenix I can feel autumn. There's a slight shift in the shadows from the sun and where it sits in the sky, the sky is a bit bluer than usual, the nights come on earlier, the pool went down almost 10 degrees, and I know I feel autumn coming when I take the candles out of the fireplace and put logs in there. Unfortunately, our autumn weather doesn't come until December 1. But, at least I can start decorating in a few weeks with pinecones and autumn scents...
Your rose arrangement in the tulipiere is gorgeous!
magikalseasons said…
I've been holding off bring out the Autumn decor! Not anymore I'm bringing up my Owl cookie jar today! I'm with you Apple Cider for me! Thanks so much for sharing the chicken recipe I'm going to try it! I roast a lot of chicken and I'm always looking for new ways to use the leftovers! :) Becca
The roses look beautiful! I'm trying to ward off autumn a bit - still hanging on to aummer til the end of the month.
Sarah said…
Ohhhh thank you thank you!!! I soooo want to do this. I am beyond ready for Fall - RIGHT now!!
The flowers..wonderful and the chicken - looks heavenly. Here is to Fall - Whoo hoo - the sooner the better!! Sarah
Pricilla said…
Our temperatures dropped 20* due to a storm front and it has been acting like Fall all week.


I love the heat and I want my sun back.

No offense
Rue said…
Oh, it's definitely Autumn. I realize that it's still August - but it's in the morning air already, and how the evening feels as the light disappears. It's slipping in... I have my faux apples out on display - now if I could find a way to keep the cats from playing with them...
clairedulalune said…
Oh, your cooking looks splendid! Yum yum. I love it when you can smell the changes in the seasons, my sinus is playing up though, not fair! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
The Frog Queen said…
Lovely pictures. I agree with you Fall is almost here! But I could be thinking that because I am busy building stuff for Halloween....so my soul is definately residing in October :)

VintageSage said…
There are no rules to life so I say bring on Fall! I'm actually ready. :) I love the Fall arrangement on your door and that flower bud vase is gorgeous!! I am definitely trying that curried chicken salad!! Oh and your doggy has the cutest little nose.

Michelle :)
VintageSage said…
Jaz, how on earth did you get a hold of that??!! I'm jealous! Is the whole book filled or just that page that it opens up to when Sandra throws it on the table. :) I LOVE that book..have always wanted to make my own. I can't figure out where to get pages like that though.


Michelle :)
Suzie said…
Your wreath is lovely, and seems so natural on your door, and your home. In complete harmony, because it was meant to be!

I'm sure that you made those poor flowers feel much better, being arrange so beautifully! You perked up their little spirits, making them feel loved and treasured, which is all that a flower desires. Well done!!

And your chicken salad recipe sounds so yummy! As it so happens, I roasted a chicken yesterday, and was wondering how I could make something different out of the leftovers. I'm off to the market tomorrow to get the other ingredients that I'll need! Thank you!!!
Touchatou said…
Miammmmm I love curry powder with everything ! And the more the better ! Thanks for the recipe.

Your vase is exquisite !
Dede said…
Your door looks so fall! Fabulous job! You did a wonderful job of giving those flowers life, they look so refreshing. Will have to go the the store tomorrow and get that granny apple to go with the chicken in the frig. Thank you so much for sharing. Love all of your pictures.
VintageSage said…
Hey Jaz!

I have AWARDED you something on my blog. Swing on by when you have the chance. Now, off to look at those other auction items you have from Practical Magic!!
Touchatou said…
Just to let you know that yesterday I saw the first changing of colors in trees... And summer is finally here... But to late for the tomatoes, I believe, so we will have green ketchup again this year...
I had that same vase with all the little vases. It was to help you make a perfect bouquet...ha! I finally sold it in a garage sell because I didn't make use of it enough. I am amazed by how many things you and I have that are the same, how similar our tastes are. Oh...and your front door is gorgeous. I love the wood and your wreath, and I especially love that door knocker! :o)