I Will Sweep You Away

I have a thing for brooms. It's a witch thing. This lamp sits on my desk in the kitchen. Click for a better look.

Two 14K broom pins.

Sometimes I pin one of these on an evening bag.

This is one of my treasures. It is a carved bone needle holder from the 1800's.

The end screws off...

and the needles slide down into the shaft. This type of a carved bone item was usually done by a sailor while he was at sea and given on his return home to his loved one.

I keep it in my sewing box with my sterling cauldron pin cushion!

My small kitchen broom. The shaft is made of oriental bittersweet.

And my very large broom which I keep by the front door. This broom is over 6 feet tall. I keep it there in case I have to make a quick getaway.

It has a twisted handle which keeps you from slipping off when you are in high gear.

BTW....for all you slackers out there who have not finished your Christmas shopping, this is a little reminder. Christmas is four months from yesterday. Time is running out!!!


Autumnforest said…
I love brooms too! Years ago, every time I went to a place I felt a special connection with, either near home or on vacation, I'd collect a handful of grasses and let them dry at home. I eventually made a broom from the grasses and used it to symbolically sweep at our floor and beds in our home to spread the beauty of the earth and good feelings. I wish I still had it. It eventually just crumbled.
Did you rescue that lamp from a thrift store and make it into a witch's lamp yourself? I ask because the crossed brooms look very much like the old corn brooms once used in curling. Did they originally sport a curling rock between them?
Wow! Beautiful brooms! I need to find some more. I have a tiny six inch one for my altar and last night I made another tiny one made of lavender for my kitchen altar.
Pricilla said…
Make your getaway...heh heh.

You have some magnificent collections. Where is the goat section? heh heh
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, I have learned so much from this post...

Broom next to door for quick get away! Great idea.

Twisted handle for high speed travel, brilliant.


I´m amazed over all things You have :-) I love the big brooms!
Have a great day now!
Laurie said…
I love the witch on the lamp ~ I love that lamp too!
What a nifty needle holder ~ never seen anything like it before.
I guess I am a big time slacker, I haven't begun to think of Christmas.
VintageSage said…
Jaz I love all your brooms but where did you get that lamp? That is beautiful and so unique!!
greekwitch said…
I can't believe you mentioned Christmas...I was amazed before when you spoke about Haloween!
Blessings and to all a good year!
Touchatou said…
My eyes got on what is beyind the lamp ! You know the thing that turns in the wind and gives you its direction ? A "girouette" we say here. What is the head of it ? A dragon ? Snakes ? I can't see it from here ! lol

You wood brooms are so beautiful !
Dede said…
You have a beautiful collection of brooms and that cauldron pin cushion is to die for!
Rue said…
Love the "getaway" broom!

A friend mentioned Christmas today - four months? No problem....(frantically starts making a list...)
Bella Foxglove said…
Wonderful Witchy Wares!

Quick getaway LOL!

I have seen needle holders from that time period before, but that is the first time I have seen a broom one! So neat!

Christmas...eep! Don't remind me lol...

Thanks for sharing more of your treasures!
chib said…
Hi Jazz, you need to buy something like Neverland ranch to keep all those good stuffs. Your house will soon be too small, ha ha ha
mrsb said…
Good golly, you've got the best stuff, lol!
Patty said…
Love the big broom!
Thanks for letting me know about the books your sending. I am looking forward to them!
Jeanne said…
Oh what wonderful brooms! Love the twisty handles.
Birdie said…
Your large broom is the best I have seen!
Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I love your Getaway Broom I so would like one how can I get one plus my daughter's Birthday is coming up and would love to get her one, its time she had her broom.