I'll Put You Under My Halloween Spell

Last night was the first cool Fall night.

I made a fire in my fire pit. Now it is time to make some marshmallows. Homemade marshmallows are the best.

A handpainted fortune telling plate by Ardalt.

A scrimshaw Salem Witch box.

A child's sterling witch spoon.

Long before WWII, swastikas were a sign of friendship and peace in many cultures. After Hitler chose the symbol to represent the Nazis, it became a hated sign. Swastikas show up on many pottery and porcelain pieces from the 1800's. This is a saucer to a fortune telling tea cup by Royal Doulton.

The tea cup has many symbols each of which is used to tell your fortune.

Behold thy fortune

Shewn to thee

By occult powers

& magic tea

Another tea cup saucer with a yin and yang in the center.

Once again, many symbols in the cup.

These were made by Cannonsburg Pottery

It has an ancient Chinese fortuneteller on the front.

This cup is made by Aynsley. It is called ' The Nelros Cup of Fortune'.

It has an anchor in the middle of the cup.

Would'st learn they future

with thy tea

this magic cup

will show it thee

This pitcher depicts a witch next to her cauldron.

She is stoking the coals.

On the back you see people spying on her.


You sure have a pretty banner and love the fall leaves on the side of your blog. I haven't even though of a witch collection...very interesting.
Thanks for stopping by.
Deb :)
Great collection of china You have! I know that the svastica turned the opposite way also is an old symbol in India, the sun cross. But I still get an awful feeling seeing it! Growing up with a neighbour surviving Auschwiz I can´t for my life even try to see it as the positive symbol it is in India or elsewhere.
Have a great day now!
clairedulalune said…
Isnt it getting cold now? I had to put a extra blanket on last night! I love your tea cup collection. Beautifully made!
Dede said…
Looking forward to my outdoor fires again this fall. The pitcher is beautiful!
Pattee said…
WOW I didn't know there was so many vintage Halloween tea cups and plates... how cool!

Love your fire pit... I'd better get mine ready!
Bella Foxglove said…
I can not WAIT until it is cool enough here to build a "Fall Fire". I am so over this summer heat lol.

Great pics, as always. I did not know the info about the swastika, that was amazing! Learn something new every day.

As I say every time I post in some fashion, you have such amazing things!
greekwitch said…
I do not know why we do not celebrate Halloween but it sucks. We have like a million national celebrations, an other million of christian ones and the best of all times is out of the picture. We also do not have a tooth fairy!!
I never knew that about the swastikas. One sure learn a lot off of these blogs.
Last year our first frost is right around the 8th of October.
Wow...a cool night and a fire sounds absolutel magical! It's so hot here in Florida. Love the 'Fortune Wear' also!
Pricilla said…
So, what's my fortune? Will I be a wealthy SpokesGoat?
Jennifer said…
Neat stuff! I can't believe how cool the weather is already. It is not even September yet and I had to wear a jacket outside tonight! I love that cat picture!
Jeanne said…
Thank you for sharing pics of the fortune telling cups and saucers. Very nice collection. And some wonderful finds on the glass!
I am in love with that pitcher! You didn't mention the maker...
Laura said…
isn't the weather fabulous? I opened my windows yesterday and turned off the a/c...it feels soooo good! love the fire pit...wish i had one...