Jake and Jake-aline Settle In

I just found this soap pump the other day and thought it would be cute to hold dish soap for fall. It is clear and green at the bottom so I filled it with yellow liquid soap.

Teddy just knows there is something hiding in the straw.

She is determined to sniff it out.

She leaves no strand of straw unturned.

Oh, hi Jake....didn't notice you sitting there.

Jake and Jake-aline. One happy couple.

A few more Fall magazines.

I am rather disappointed by how uncreative they are.

The tree peonies have started their fall display.


The birds are loving these.


Pricilla said…
The scarecrows look so cute together.

(Will there be scarekids? You never know WHAT goes on at night. heh heh)
Love your scarecrow couple Jaz...and Teddy is just the cutest. We have 3 dogs...a Sheltie, a white Lab, and a Pomeranian. Our Pom doesn't have a good coat on her. But my Mom's are really fluffy and look like miniature versions of your Teddy. The mags look great but I totally agree with you about the ideas being less than stellar lately.
Felinae said…
Beautiful pictures.

I really like Jake and Jake-aline, you did an amazing job, they are so cute.
Dede said…
A very cute couple! You are so creative!
I really like Your two scare crows! The pictures is good as usual, epecially the paeony seeds!
Have a great day now!
Bella Foxglove said…
You always find the CUTEST and most interesting things..I love it. So inspiring!

I totally agree about the mags being uncreative these days, and Jake and Ms. Jake are lovely!
VintageSage said…
I love Jake and Jakeline! You are so incredibly talented.....and with your thrift finds! Love that soap pump too. :) You are definitely ready for Fall!
Autumnforest said…
You need to have a magazine that you do, call it "Autumn-a-ton" or "Fall-Year-Round" hee hee. I think it'd beat the ideas in the magazines they put out. I do admit I buy Martha Stewart's Halloween edition one every year--very cool ideas her team comes up with! Love Teddy-what a smart pup!
Touchatou said…
What kind of flower-fruit is that ??? Unbelievably gorgeous !
Judith said…
Thats an avon lotion bottle, called "corn" I have one that I'm still using, I keep it on my kitchen counter. :)
Yuo have such a fun blog and I just love the thrift finds. I have an award for you on my blog.