Jake Gets a Date

We went thrifting again. It has been too hot to cook and too hot to garden and the thrift shops all have A/C so it is a no brainer. I found another one of these cute metal chairs for a dollar.

Hehehehe...as if I would have ever passed this up!

Now this is the consummate thrift shop story! All of us that shop at these stores are always looking to hit the jackpot. Yesterday, as I was digging through shelves stuffed with castoffs, I came across this item. It was 1.99 and I glanced at the bottom, saw no name, but threw it in the cart anyway. I looked very much like my set of Rookwood bookends that I posted some time ago last spring. I was busy shopping for scarecrow clothes and I didn't think much about it. After I was home for a while I pulled it out of the bag and took a closer look.

It had the Rookwood markings on the bottom. A pair of these in this green glaze finish sells for around $1000.00! Of course the value is considerably diminished when there is only one but it is still very valuable. I am going to be keeping my eyes open for the other one!!

I picked these votive hurricanes up for 1.95. These will be great in the finished Halloween candlesticks.

This is a closeup of one of them. They really dress the candlesticks up nicely.

Found this cute little casserole and 3 more candlestick votives for 99 cents.

Uh oh.....this looks like the beginning of something.

I couldn't help it....Jake looked so lonely.

And I found the perfect hat and basket so......

Operation #2 in progress. Starting with the panyhose.... I left this step out the last time but the pantyhose should be knotted about a third of the way up the leg.

Legs are longer than arms so you don't need the whole length to fill the blouse.

The pantyhose are stuffed with straw and the stomach area becomes the head.

Doesn't the top of this resemble "Wilson" from the Tom Hanks movie, Castaway?

Knot the top of the pantyhose.

Stuff the legs down the sleeves to form the arms.

Tie the bottom of the pants with twine to hold in the straw.

Scary!!! Dead person on the table!!!

Stuff straw in the cuffs for the hands. Slip on the skirt.

I stitched another face on a grain sack and added a hat, scarf and a basket.

Jake-aline!!! Jakes date. Jake was actually a bit bummed out. He thinks Jake-aline looks like his mother. He said he wanted to know why I couldn't have made him a hotter scarecrow chick with bigger bales. It sure is tough pleasing kids!!! I told him she might be old but she is experienced!!!


Bella Foxglove said…
Hahaha I LOVE Jakealine!! The little story line is great lol.

You found some great stuff in the thrift store! It has been ages since I got to go "Thrifting" and reading this makes me want to head out right now lol..
Bigger bales -- that's all men think about!
Dia said…
Oh, how fun! Love how Jaqe-line turned out - & trust a guy to complain (you know the difference between a snow man & snow woman? Snowballs . . . )
Pricilla said…
Bigger bales...heh heh heh.
You are a piece of work.

She is quite cute!
VintageSage said…
Oh Jaz, Jakeline is ADORABLE! I love her! Jake will be a very happy! :) Great finds, especially that jackpot Rockwood and I am loving that black cat, of course! :)
Jakealine is great!
What a find with that bird! I never find things like that :-) :-) and the cat! Fantastic! Now when I don´t work weekends any more I think I´ll go to some auktions to see if I can make any finds too!
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
She's lovely! Now, you need a baby scarecrow in a diaper. Hee hee. Love your finds! I can't wait to see your Halloween. I used to start decorating indoors in mid September for my B-day gift to myself, but hubby hates having Halloween around for 6 weeks! Hee hee
Touchatou said…
Jake-aline ! Funny !!! I don't know about Jake's mother, but she surely looks like mine !! ;)

Rookwood for a buck ? No way !! And those votives are really nice.
Dede said…
She is perfect! The pink outfit is wonderful and the sunflower in her hat is terrific. WOW the black cat is awesome.
Laurie said…
Wow ~ Jakealine looks great! I love her pink outfit. I think September 1st I will start to bring out the Autumn decor!