The Journey to Roscoe Village

Ok, so it was not quite a "journey". However I am feeling so 19th century I just felt like describing it that way. Here we are lost in Ohio and checking out where we are and where we need to go.

On our way there we came across some interesting sights. I almost wrecked the car when I saw this. This house is built into the hill.

The roof is actually the ground.

In the 1950's in this country everyone was afraid of war and bombs. In school we practiced emergency air raid drills. We all had to crouch on the ground and put our arms over our heads. Many people built bomb shelters. This house appears to have been built around that time so I am guessing that this was a home/bomb shelter.

If the 'big one' comes this family is ready.

We were deep in farm country. Silos are filled with corn for winter and fire wood is being sold every where.

A typical farm.

Teddy is ready for a new adventure.

A true bit of Americana....a Mail Pouch tobacco sign painted on the side of a barn.

Roscoe the early 1800's a canal system was created as a means to transport people and goods from ports on Lake Erie and the Ohio river to developing towns throughout the new state. In 1830 the 1st canal boat docked at Roscoe Village.

The canal is no longer around but the town has been meticulously maintained.
Take a tour of a typical canal boat.

I will show you more of the town tomorrow. I don't have as many pictures of Roscoe as I had of Zoar because there was not a fair going on but I still have some interesting things to show you. And I made a very special purchase! I was so very happy to hear that you all are interested in taking these little trips so I will continue to post pictures from all of the places I go. I know how much I like seeing places I have never been to so I am happy to take you along with me.


Rue said…
Love the "house in the hill" - very clever. They must have a great roof if they can water it and keep it green without having it rain inside!
Pricilla said…
Very cool. I have never been here before. You could be a travel guide!
I usually gets lost when out driving :-) but I never find so interesting houses like this one in the mountine!

I almost bought a big boat to have as home once. It would have been as big as my cottage is, but I never did. I had problems to find a place to have it for a long time. But it had been fun though :-)
Have a great day now!
clairedulalune said…
Oh my goodness, I have never seen houses like that! I would ove to own a canal boat and just sail the day away, people watching down the river!
Dede said…
What a great blog! Love all of the pictures. Although this is not the blog to read if you are hungry. LOL Seeing the spinach dip made me think just how long it has been, the kids love it! Thank you for sharing!
Touchatou said…
Interesting country ! Oh yes, we want to see your journey, dear ! We are all behind your back ! hehehe
Autumnforest said…
Oh my gosh--I feel like I went on a virtual road trip. Thanks. Did Teddy get to go? Lucky dog! :-)
Lisa said…
Fellow Ohioian?
lisa :)