A Little Halloween and Flea Projects

I recently bought this vintage owl lamp to use in my Halloween theme. It plugs in and the light is in the back.

Awwww......this butterfly was grounded and having problems. It was hobbling around my driveway.

I picked it up with a branch and it flew away.

I found these in a thrift store and have some good ideas on how to transform them into really useful and interesting Halloween decorations.

I can't wait to figure out how I will use this tray.

I've already started to transform this set of candlesticks. They only cost $1.95.

Sorry about the glare. This is a really nice rustic print that I can use with my Fall decorations.

I am a huge Andrew Wyeth fan. Though this is just an inexpensive print, the frame is decent and it even came with an attached light at the top. For $5.00 I just couldn't let this sit in the thrift store. This work is called "The Quaker". Wyeth said that this was one of the most difficult of all his works to reproduce.

I bought this old Italian creche to give away to someone. Though the figures are in very good condition, I will need to paint some of them and I am going to redo the entire stable.

These were all 99 cents each. The piece on the bottom right is one of my glass cauldrons. I use these for sugar and salt wells. The green pieces are really interesting. I am not sure but I think the coal scuttle might be a creamer and the mill bucket a sugar bowl. I have to research these but since most glass plants in the northeast are located near coal mining and steel mill areas, I am guessing these were made as novelty pieces to be sold as souveniers.

My fall flowering Clematis is just beginning to bloom.

Soon this will be covered in fragrant white mini blooms.


I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Fall decorations that you're going to make with all these flea market finds!
magikalseasons said…
Love those finds! That Owl lamp is fantastic! :)
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic finds! I have a tray that I use to make a table top on top of a wine rack. You can stack anything for underneath and use the tray to top it, even large books turned to make a twisting spiral. I had a friend who stacked fireplace wood into a square shape and put a tray on top. It was really rustic and cool. They're neat too if you fill the bottom with seashells or pretty stones and then fill it with resin so they become permanent. I can't wait to see your world turning autumn.
Rue said…
Gorgeous clematis! Please post a pic when it's in full-flower - I've never seen this type!
Dede said…
Your finds are fabulous! A wonderful find in that tray! Can't wait to see pictures of the Clematis in full bloom, I beat they are gorgeous.
On rare occations we have a similar butterfly, but it´s black and yellow instead. I think it flies from southern Europe in warm summers to us.

I love "The Quaker"! I´ve never seen his work before, so now I´ll Google him.

I don´t think You have the same fall flowering clematis as I have, but they are very similar. What species is it You have?
have a great day now!
Touchatou said…
I do the same with butterfly and bugs : I take them and put them somewhere safe ! ;)
Anonymous said…
OOOOOH I love the owl lamp, it looks great and so do your other finds. I love the frame with the Autumn pictures !!!
Have a fabulous day !!
Pricilla said…
You are a busy bee!
greekwitch said…
Once again beautiful pics! What a pretty butterfly! I hope she is okay now? Why a she? I do not know, i always thinks butterflies as ladies! I can't wait to see your autumn decorations!Blessings!
Mick said…
I am looking for a copy of the Quaker by Wyeth, is yours for sale, if not I do understand,. Do you know where I may get a copy. Love your music selection. MichelleO.