A Little Halloween and Some Flea Finds

Slowly but surely I am bringing out Halloween decorations. I figure that I wait for this all year so why not get them out and enjoy them for a while. This is a redware dish.

A vintage Halloween witch box.

This is one of my sewing boxes and a redware pin dish.

I found these at a thrift shop for 50 cents. The reason I post the price of my finds is because people that are thrifters and follow the blog like to compare prices. I always like to see what others are paying for their thrift shop finds.

The birds look at home in front of the birdhouse on the potting table.

I am going to take this mirror apart and redo it for Halloween. $3.95

Another soon to be Halloween decoration. Seriously, I need another house to store all of this stuff!!!! $1.95

I am using this rooster as a watering pot in the garden. $2.95

Ceramic fruit for 25 cents each. Also for use in the garden.

We will revisit these two pink pressed glass dishes around Valentine's Day or Easter. It was nice to find a pair in perfect condition for $7.95.

I collect amber glass and this very heave compote was $3.99. Again, I use a lot of this glass in the fall.

My Fall flowering Clematis is opening.

We have had lots of rain the last few days so this should be fully open soon.

I went out thrifting this morning and that is why the post is late. But tomorrow you will see that it was worth it!!!


Pricilla said…
Do you have any ruby glass? I used to collect that until we moved into the trailer....
The Frog Queen said…
Lovely pieces! I really love the spider dish!

I really like the spider dish! and the two birds are so nice! I have actully wondered where You put everything You buy :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
mrsb said…
I love the mirror! I can think of kinds of spooky things to do with it. I really need to start going to flea markets!
Autumnforest said…
I can't wait to see your before and after of the mirror and other candleholders you're Halloween'ing up.
Touchatou said…
I love your witch sewing box and the pin dish : so lovely.
Lori said…
you were right! I adore your blog...thanks for commenting on mine!!

my heart is beating SO FAST over your collection of Witch Spoons!!!!! ~ I have been hunting everywhere for Witch Spoons, as I, too, want to start a collection of them...I've spotted a few on ebay, but my they're pricey!!!

thanks for sharing with us~
Lori, the dancing Witch
from Notforgotten (Midnight) Farm
VintageSage said…
Man Jaz, I never get this lucky on flea market finds! I can't wait to see what you do with that mirror!!
Laura said…
You found wonderful things. I agree- I am going to stat decorating early for each season this year.


I am now a follower
Fabulous finds!! My son asked me to pull out the halloween decorations the other day. ;)
Patty said…
Oh I love all your finds!
Dede said…
The sewing box is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing the mirror!