More Zoar and What I Bought

Click to enlarge. Riding mowers on display. Why? I don't know. Did people ride here on these and this is actually lawnmower parking? Or are people just showing off their riding mowers? I just don't know. However, this is deep in the country so I am sure these are very important machines!

And old pickups. I wish these were for sale because I have old pickup truck envy.

The kettle corn man. In case you live somewhere where there is no kettle corn.....well, you are just plain unlucky. Good kettle corn is a little piece of heaven. It is made in a huge kettle (duh) and salt and sugar is sprinkled over it. The sugar sort of melts and blends with the salt which gives it the ultimate sweet/salty taste. You also have to buy it from an 800 pound kettle corn maker to get the good stuff.

Hand carved walking sticks.

This couple raises sheep and shears them for the wool. The woman spins the wool into yarn and he makes all the wooden tools by hand to spin the yarn.

The wooden umbrella thingy is called a swift. After you spin the wool into yarn you wrap it on a spindle. When you remove it from the spindle you wrap it on a yarn frame which makes it into a skein. Then you place the skein on the swift which wraps it into a ball for knitting. Are you enthralled yet? I don't know why but I find all of this extremely appealing in the worst way. I am compelled to be involved in this activity. If I start using thee and thou do not be surprised.

The heavenly wool which I was told came from two sheep who really do not like each other but they make wonderful wool together.

Here is that wool again.

In my kitchen.

Along with the frame.

And a carved cherry whorl drop spindle. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use all of this and spin the yarn which with my wonderful knitting skills will turn into yet another scarf. Where is Repunzel when you need her?

This guy was selling tomato cages.

Some people had yard sales.

This woman made decorated tutus for all the little fairy princesses.

Rustic furniture

Very nice Redware. I was tempted but since I own more than she had for sale I passed on it.

Homemade soaps.....and yes, this is going to be one of my next projects. I am yearnin' to make my own soap. I just typed yearnin'.......thee and thou can not be far behind.

You know you have found good sturdy furniture when it can support dudes the size of these two.

I drooled over this chair. Drooled all over the front of my shirt. I'll tell you, people were staring at me. It would not fit in my car and I have no place to put it so I settled for...

This little stool.

They carve the name of their company into each piece. Needless to say I really liked the name too.

The tops of all their pieces are distressed. This is some of the finest craftsmanship I have seen in a very long time. I am going to be visiting them at their workshop soon. They will recognize me by the drool.

This woman had some really fun stuff.

I loved these birds on swings.

This one is hanging in the birdcage on my potting table.

So is this cardinal.

And OMG did I fall in love with this guys stuff.

He replicates colonial fireplace tools. The front piece is a trivet to hold a pot over burning embers. The second one back is a toaster. You put bread in the front and sit it close to the fire to toast the bread.

I bought these. I loves me some snakes as long as they are not alive.

How cute is this little guy? Hssssss.....

This woman did felting.

This guy had some really neat garden things. See the pumpkin? I saw the pumpkin and I bought it. I made my son carry it and he now hates the pumpkin. It weighs like 40 pounds.

Cool little cottage.

The pumpkin in my yard. The mouses name is Gourden.

Amish candles. I am making candles as soon as I master soap. It is going to be a busy winter. I will be able to wash my hands in the middle of the night when I light my candles.

Tomorrow I will finally finish the trip to Zoar. Don't you feel like you were there for the whole day? See thee tomorrow...oops.


I really wish I could have been there!
How old must a riding mower be to be an antique? It looks as some of them were a couple of years old I think. Nowdays they try to make them look like formula one cars :-)
I´ve never even heard abot tomatoe cages! I loved the rustic furniture!
making candles isn´t that difficult really, but one has to have a lot of time :-)and I have friends that makes soap, but they are a bit too much perfumed for me (even if it´s only natural scents).
I wish I could find something like this antique show over here.
Have a great day now!
It looks like thou art having the greatest time in Zoar! I envieth thee.
Pricilla said…
1. Hubby once had a '57 red Ford pick up. heh heh

2. Once made hubby carry a gargoyle I fell in love with in Vancouver, Canada, on the float plane. On the regular plane all the way back to NJ. It weighed 50lbs. heh heh

3. Making soap is easy.

4. It's the stopping that's hard.
Pricilla said…
All soap has lye in it. Soap is basically fat, lye and a liquid of some kind be it water or milk. You can use cow's milk too right out of the jug from the store. The lye reacts with the fat and saponifies which is what makes it soap. It has to cure for about a month to harden off but it is useable a couple of days after it is made, the bar just won't last as long.

English muffins are on my list I just have to find a recipe...hint hint.
clairedulalune said…
ohh, i wish i had of been there! gorgeous things and I love your ssssnakess!
greekwitch said…
I choked on my dinner while i read this! Thee post was hilarius!!
By the way, you are actually going to use that wool????????
I loved the mouse..what's his name!
You will really be making soap?
What are the ingredients?
This would be so cool!!!
Rue said…
Wow - what a wonderful way to spend a day! And that pumpkin - it's fantastic! With Gourden the mouse - LOL!
michel said…
Thanks for visiting my blog, I thought I would drop by, say hi and check out yours too. See you around in cyberspace, lol. Blessings )O(
Touchatou said…
Nice craftsmanship ! Love this place and would get broke in no time ! The chair ! I want that chair !!! It is perfect ! And hisss I do like them too !
Wish I had been there! Loved the winged pig! And the mouse in the pumpkin - oh! I did spin wool at one time - never got enough yarn for a scarf though! You could filt the wool, too - that is fun. Lots of warm soapy water....make your own slippers for the winter...
greekwitch said…
Ooh! Really lost in translation!
I am hooked! I will also be making my own soap!! I hope no allergic reactions will occure!
Brightest blessings!
Okay....2 more likenesses in this post. I too have had old Pick Up Truck envy for years and years now. My husband knows that I REALLY want one in either yellow or candy apple red. But I'd settle for just about any color. One day I will have one...I will figure out a way to manifest it some day...ha! And we are serious consumers of the Kettle Corn...yummers! The whole family meals out on it at outdoor fairs.