My Private Spell

Some people believe that you should never show your spellbook (BOS...books of spells) to anyone, NEVER!!! I personally never follow anyone's beliefs but my own. I feel that it is perfectly fine to expose what you are comfortable with. Above is a pic of my first spellbook. It has been closed for about 6 years now. I am opening it for the first time in a long time to show you a bit of it. As you can see it was very busy at one time. Look at how thick it is.

I keep it bound with a black satin ribbon. It has a gold moon and star book mark.

It is black embossed leather. Some people are put off by pentagrams but if you look closer you will realize they are earth symbols. Each point symbolizes an element. Fire, wind, sun, water and earth.

Knowledgeable pages

You can decorate your spellbook however you wish.

I saved cards from other witches all over the world that I received throughout the years.

Here is a pumpkin I embossed and painted and a Happy Samhain card I received.

Another artistic card

This is inside the back cover. This is the first time anyone has ever seen the inside of my BOS. I hope you enjoyed it.


Laurie said…
Hi ~
Thanks for sharing your spellbook ~ I love how you saved the cards. I think you are right the pentagram has a bad rap, (but then so do witches) that is a shame.
I don't have a spellbook, but I do keep a journal of sorts on herbs and flowers and their magickal properties. It's very vintage~y and girly!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
Touchatou said…
I feel as if I have been inside a very secret place... Thanks, dear.
If I remember correct it´s when the pentagram is up side down that it is a evil sign. Yours is the right way and then a positive sign and a feminin sign too I belive, Correct me if I´m wrong!

Nice of You to let us take a look inside Your spell book. I must remember to send You a post card with a witch next easter :-) We love our witches :-)
Have a great day now!
How wonderful! Thank you for the privilege of seeing your BOS! It's lovely.
Pricilla said…
It's rather like a diary and a scrapbook all in one. How cool!
Autumnforest said…
I'm totally with you. That's the great thing about Paganism is that it's a private study and you can customize to your own needs and when you find things that work, you make note of it. What put me off of magic at first was the concept of doing the wrong thing or using the wrong ingredient or saying the wrong words...It reminded me of Catholicism and all the notions that have to be done a certain way. I finally settled down and gained confidence in my own inner knowledge (inner goddess) to know what to do and how and when. When you work from an open heart with nothing to hide, exposing your book is just fine. It's really quite beautiful and well loved. What an heirloom for other generations!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your BOS, I feel very honored to have looked into such a beautiful and sacred place. Blessed Be. xxx
Thank you for letting us see this !

It's a beautiful book.
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful book, thanks for sharing it!

i have never been able to keep a journal, i've tried, but i end up letting go.
Jeanne said…
Thank you so much for sharing your BOS. Very similar to my Mother's.....
Hibiscus Moon said…
I feel the same as you about showing your spells and BOS. I have to say that I love yours! ITs like a scrapbook! Lovely.
Soraya said…
wow, its absolutely beautiful!
mrsb said…
Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what overs have created in their BOS!
I laugh...and I agree whole heartedly! I never follow anyone's beliefs but own either! And thank you for sharing your it!